How to keep your cool – getting over freelance blogger slumps

First up, a little disclaimer… To be honest, I hadn’t planned on posting about the b5media issues. I’ve worked for b5media for a long time and at this second still do. However, I’m involved because I’m knee deep in emails and Skypes and now I’ve even got a direct comment at b5media asking me if […]

Building a Blog into a Blog Network without Funding, Backing or Partners


The news regarding the b5Media blog network‘s  restructuring and restaffing is leading to a lot of speculation around the webosphere. Specifically folks are wondering about the future of blog networks in general. Will they all be taken over by the venture capitalists who are funding them and turned into impersonal content portals, or will they […]

b5Media: I’m in a Better Place Now

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When I first began working as a blogger, b5Media was at the top of my list of places to work. I mean, Liz Strauss, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse, all bloggers I looked up to, were part of b5Media. As someone who wanted to make a name for myself as a blogger, I felt this […]

b5Media Layoffs Are a Good Reminder to Spread Those Freelance Writing Eggs Around

all your eggs in one basket

If you hung out on Twitter for any amount of time today, you may have learned b5Media had yet another round of layoffs. This time both part time and full time freelance writers for that content site were locked out of their blogs and shown the door. Some of the laid off writers were with […]

Anne Wayman Puts Down Her Golden Pencil

by Deborah Ng If you’re a member of the freelance writing community, you’re sure to know of Anne Wayman. I’ve been following her for years, since she was’s Guide to Freelance Writing. After Anne left I became an avid reader of her b5Media blog, The Golden Pencil. Anne also listed job leads at […]

My Blog's Stats After Adding A Co-Blogger

My previous two posts about co-bloggers covered the potential positives and negatives of having a co-blogger. Today I’ll share some results. Background: The blog I’ve been discussing in the last two posts is Tree Hugging Family. It launched in August 2007, so it’s somewhat new. Being a green family blog, it’s in a smaller niche, […]

Positives of Having A Co-Blogger

Yesterday we looked at cons of co-bloggers. Today; the potential positives of having a really good co-blogger. In case you missed it, I’d read yesterday’s post first, or you may start wondering who Peggy is. You finally… FINALLY can take a sick day: Since Peggy came on it’s not like I’ve taken days off – […]

Co-Bloggers – One Cure for the Lazy Blogger

Deb’s last post was a good one. Did you miss it? Well, here it is – Why I’m a Lazy Blogger – And How I Can Improve. Deb noted issues with the blogroll, minimum post schedule, and time to visit other blogs. I’m big time into blogrolls so no issues there. However, I totally get […]