Don’t Forget the Old School: Say hello to the library

There’s this place with books and periodicals, a staff that has an acute expertise for researching just about every subject and best of all it’s free! It’s the public library. This installment of “Don’t Forget the Old School” will take on why visiting the library is important to writing. Ambiance It’s the library’s mystique – […]

5 Ways To Tell Your Article Angle Sucks

Coming up with article ideas or interesting angles is one of the challenges of being a freelance writer. Throw out the thoughts of being in competition with other writers, your main competition is yourself. Can you continually come up with ideas and angles? Are those angles fresh and interesting or the stale standard? Do you […]

This Week in Media News 3/31 – 4/4

Happy Easter FWJ crew! If you don’t celebrate Easter then, of course, happy Sunday. It’s been good week in media news: Where are the Women? – Alicia Shepard asks an all important question about NPR & it’s diversity or lack of in some areas. A dangerous assignment gone really, really bad -“Paul Raffaele, a top […]

Day 5: Update Your Reading, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills

There’s nothing like finding a blog you love or a columnist that says exactly what you’re thinking. Often at FWJ we are accused of being mind readers and though I’d love to have all the readers of Freelance Writing Jobs spend $9.99 a minute to call in so I can read their writing tea leaves, […]

Follow Article Writing on Facebook

Heads up FWJ crew, Article Writing at Freelance Writing Jobs has a Facebook fan page! Come on over for great post links from FWJ and other great sites, stimulating conversation and an opportunity to ask all your deep, dark article writing questions.

Writing When You Know Nothing About the Subject Part 1

I hear a lot of writers talk about how they won’t apply for certain jobs or worry about accepting assignments because they know nothing about what they’d be required to write about and I hope to set you free today by letting you know you don’t have be an expert on a subject to write […]

Article Writing Must Reads

I’ve been blogging away here at the Freelance Writing Jobs Network for quite some time now and have compiled a pretty helpful lot of posts. However I realize those new to the site or those who may have missed a post don’t have time to go through all of the posts because you’re too busy […]

Scheduling Time for Your Articles, Part 2

Yesterday we looked at scheduling time to research information, conduct interviews and prep an article in the first part of “Scheduling Time for Your Articles ” today we are going to wrap up this mini-series with a look at writing and editing. Schedule time to write the article. Once your preliminary work is complete it’s […]

What are you learning from your Feed Reader?

A common freelance writer ritual is, at some point, usually at the beginning and maybe again in the middle of their day, freelancers will take trip through their feed readers and see what’s happening on the ‘Net. The idea of the reader is to allow people to follow their favorite blogs and Web sites without […]