Are You (Ab)Using Your Online Friends?


Does this sound familiar? You’re an aspiring blogger looking to make yourself known in a popular niche. All the blogging books and blogs tell you in order to do this you have to network heavily including commenting at other top blogs to bring in traffic. You do. You don’t just comment you become THE top commenter. You add your opinion to every single post and even drop some links if you can get away with it. As soon as your blog starts picking up momentum you forget that other blog. You don’t come by and comment or participate in community [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why It's Important for Bloggers Read ALL the Blogs in Their Niche

As a freelance writing blogger I make it a point to read ALL the blogs in the freelance, writing and blogging niches – even those I don’t like or particularly agree with. In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying anyone who is serious about his or her niche and wants to be a successful blogger should do the same. Every blogger has favorites, and that’s fine, but never discount the guys you don’t jibe with – or even the bloggers you can’t stand.To do so can mean you’re missing out on some beneficial opportunities. There’s only competition if [Read more…]

Does Your Blog Have a Comment Policy?

I find myself having to defend my comment policy from time to time. I’ve been accused of editing comments so only the rosy ones come through, or being biased about who is allowed to comment at the FWJ network. None of that is true. I have a comment policy in place and like to abide by that policy, it’s really nothing personal. I just don’t feel rudeness or personal attacks have a place in an intelligent discussion. Here’s the thing, some commentators don’t know how to disagree respectfully. Instead they throw in barbs and digs and downright nastiness. I don’t [Read more…]

Weekend Link Love – For July 20th 2008

As a network blogger or blogger for hire, what are some of the things you hope to see here at Network Blogging Tips? Are we covering the bases? Is there something you would like to see but so far haven’t? Tell us in the comments. In the meantime, here’s what I’m reading this weekend: Are Blog Comments a Source of Referral Traffic? at Blog Herald Blogging Jobs: How Much is Blogging Worth? at Blog Herald Writing for Two Blogs: Are you completely insane? at Blogging Basics 101 (Sadly, the answer is yes. Yes I am.) 7 Super Triggers to Get [Read more…]

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