Managing Full Time Blogging & Kids ALL Summer Long

Deb just posted some excellent summer options for work-at-home parents and they’re handy but I have a few more suggestions along with some helpful tips. Summer, for me is a little like 3 months worth of chaos. Not only does my son’s free school shut down, but my partner’s kiddos are at the house more. Three kids + FT paid blogging + FT self-run projects = insanity on my part. It’s like a much longer winter break; ugh. First read managing work in a chaotic household for some general help then keep reading below for some summer specific tips. Summer [Read more…]

How to score blogging gigs in one easy step

APPLY FOR BLOGGING GIGS! That’s it. I know, it’s simple and sounds too good to be true, but when you get right down to it, applying for gigs is the number one best way to get gigs. I only bring this up because I see folks all the time at forums, in writers chats, and on Twitter who note they’re looking for work over and over. I get email questions like, “How do I get work as a blogger?” Not to sound over simplistic, but honestly you might want to try applying for gigs. Heck apply for MANY gigs. In [Read more…]

Are Blogging Jobs Over?

I wouldn’t say blogging jobs are over exactly. I mean, that would be dumb considering I blog for a living. Many of my friends blog for a living. Deb posts blogging gigs daily over in writing leads. So no, blogging jobs aren’t over. I do however think that how you use your blogging skills to make money is changing big time. You can’t just be a blogger anymore and expect to make a living. “Just a blogger” is not meant to be disrespectful either, all I mean is when you’re just blogging for clients you’re writing posts, getting paid, and [Read more…]

Creating a useful and successful blog networking plan

Social networking isn’t that hard. Anyone can tweet, leave comments, ask for link exchanges, or IM readers and blogging pals. These are all general networking ideas that can work. However, if you’re focusing on the wrong blog networking tactics for your specific blog you’re wasting your time. In my mind we network for one basic reason, to draw readers to our blog. Maybe you’re networking for another reason; to get read for personal reasons, to promote a cause, to get a job, or to gain clicks on ads, but it really all comes down to getting people to your blog [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for May 22, 2009

Some decent looking gigs today. Bonus gig tip o’ the day: It looks like social media gigs are taking over lately; if you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites now is the time to connect. Anywhere gigs: Social Media Intern – can’t tell if you have to be in San Francisco or not. Food Technologist Writer Fashion, tech, home and garden blogs – freelance contributors wanted – NOTE: only decent pay if you blog fast. Online Marketing Manager Writer Needed To Post On Social Website for Search Engine Optimization (L.A. ) – sounds like they’re looking for [Read more…]

Basic Networking for Bloggers

There are three places that a blogger should start with when it comes to networking… Your own blog: You may be the master of facebook, tweet with the best of them, and have more Karma Points on Mixx than one human should legally be allowed to have, but if I try to communicate with you at your own blog, and you ignore me, I’m not going to be thrilled. I’m not gonna care if you’re friends with everyone at Digg if you can’t even take the time to answer a comment, respond to an email, or connect on a basic [Read more…]

Social networking is fuzzy – what's your take?

I was making a list of social networking methods for blogs, plus discussing it with Deb, and I realized that some of the methods I use are pretty fuzzy. Many social activities cross over with blog promotion and the other way around, and it all mixes up with building your own blog community. For example, if someone finds you through Technorati and you become pals and maybe score a gig through that friendship, is it blog promotion, or are you doing a little networking? Fuzzy business. That said, I’m going to cover some blog networking methods over the next few [Read more…]

What kind of social networking is the most beneficial for bloggers

It seems everyone is interested in finding the best form of social networking for bloggers, according to the recent post, “Is Network Blogging Tips the right name for this blog?” It’s a bit of a loaded question, because straight up, the kind of social networking that will work best for your blog, is…. The social networking you’ll actually use. Bonus points if you enjoy using it.

5 Lame Ways to Comment at Other Blogs

Looking to get your comment deleted from my blog? Comment like this… 1. “Hey, this doesn’t relate to your post at all but….” – you lost me at “doesn’t relate.” 2. On one of my contest posts: “Everyone come enter my contest instead! at” – sad. Really even if you leave out the “instead”, I’m likely to delete you AND not enter you in my contest. This, in my opinion, is no better than spam. It’s just not cool. You already get to leave your url at my blog. 3. Say one of the following: “You suck” – [Read more…]

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