Does Guest Blogging Work? Part 1: Traffic


I have  a love hate relationship with guest blogging. On one hand, I enjoy sharing with other bloggers’ communities. The flip side is that as a freelance writing blogger I’m supposed to discourage writing for free. It’s kind of a sticky situation because we complain that too many people are advertising on Craigslist for free […]

Increase blog traffic with email strategies

There are all sorts of little ways that email can increase blog traffic for you or for a client you blog for. Following are five good ideas. Email a new reader; or two or three or twenty! Darren notes that emailing new readers was one of the main strategies he used to build up ProBlogger […]

10 Turnoffs Keeping Readers from My Blog

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Reader feedback is a blogger’s most important tool. By reading comments, emails and survey results pertaining to our blog, we’re receiving valuable information. Stats also provide a gold mine of information. For the most part, the feedback received regarding the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network is extremely positive. However, that doesn’t mean the negative feedback […]

40 Lessons Learned Over Five Years of Blogging


2010 is a year of milestones. It marks my tenth year as a freelance writer and professional blogger, and the 5th anniversary of Freelance Writing Jobs: the blog. Unlike other jobs, blogging and this network are where my passion lies. As much as I love what I do, I also learn something new every day. […]

Have you updated your blog lately? In the last few months I’ve been neglecting my own projects in exchange for client projects. Not smart. I mean I have excuses; job cuts in the writers market, fewer jobs around, and just because I’ve been busy in general, but if you’ve got some personal projects going it’s not wise to ignore them. […]

What Are Your 2009 Blogging Goals…?

Lordy, it’s almost that time of year – goal setting time. Personally, I’d like to get my everlasting box of Cedar photos organized. My son will be twenty before I finish this I swear. Here though, we should talk about blogging. When it comes to blogging, I’ve got some semi-medium sized goals figured out and […]

Informal Poll – Where is the line between link love & too much link love?

Sorry I’ve been MIA – my flu got pretty bad, then I got better, and of course I had work to catch up on. In any case, I have an informal poll question. Recently, a client I blog for decided that a good way to increase page views might be to try a daily link […]

A Few Blogging Tips from Darren Rowse

Deb’s Note: In December 2006 I interviewed Darren Rowse while auditioning for a job with I did get the job and worked as’s Guide to Weblogs for a year in 2007. I’m reprinting some of my greatest hits here. I also conducted interviews with John Chow, the Go Fug Yourself ladies, NBT’s own […]

Twitter – Not Quitting Anytime Soon

This week I’ve been talking about time wasters. So far I’ve covered personal time wasters, email time savers, and my editorial calender. Today Twitter. This post will be real short. Twitter does waste some of my time. Some tweets on twitter are totally useless. Will this be a time waster I cut? No. Twitter sends […]