Patience and the Long-Distance Blogger

Blogging offers writers great rewards. We get to share our words with others. We educate and entertain. If we’re really lucky, our blogs generate income or interest from book agents. To do any of this, however, you need readers, and in the early days of any blog, readers are hard to come by.

How to Write Blog Posts That Say Something

Did you ever come across a blog post with a catchy headline but the actual content says nothing? Sure, there are a bunch of words there, but they never seem to back up the title. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine. I’m a sucker for a good headline, so you can imagine my disappointment when I’m sucked in via blog’s title and end up receiving  little or no return on my investment of time. It’s easy to ramble on when blogging. However, if you’re going to write a title that promises something, you need to be sure you’re [Read more…]

How Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?


During our last night at SXSW, my good friends  Andy Hayes, Chris Garrett and I enjoyed some dinner and conversation. Our topic revolved around blog community and whether or not our communities owe us anything for all the information we share. We all agreed that our communities support us in many ways including visiting our blogs every time we post. Without this type of support, there would be no reason to blog at all. I always said that without my community I’m nothing and both Chris and Andy agreed. We appreciate the loyalty of our individual communities and we find [Read more…]

10 Turnoffs Keeping Readers from My Blog

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Reader feedback is a blogger’s most important tool. By reading comments, emails and survey results pertaining to our blog, we’re receiving valuable information. Stats also provide a gold mine of information. For the most part, the feedback received regarding the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network is extremely positive. However, that doesn’t mean the negative feedback we receive isn’t treated with the same respect. Every comment, every criticism and every stat is given the same consideration. It’s from our regular survey and from reading feedback regarding this and other blogs that inspired today’s list. If you’re struggling with traffic or you [Read more…]

Down with Deb Ng! Headline Writing 101

Headlines are an important, often overlooked part of article writing. They are what prompt readers to click the link, pick up the magazine or buy the paper. Blog posts, magazine articles and news articles have unique characteristics that will be addressed individually in follow-up posts, but there are a few guidelines that apply across the different styles and medium of the articles. Interesting & Descriptive Headlines should attract reader’s attention while giving a brief overview of the article’s content. Sounds easy right? Well, given the dearth of boring and vague headlines in media there’s got to be more to it. [Read more…]

How to Find Interview Subjects for Your Blog Posts and Articles

Tape Recorder

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of freelance writing is in finding interview subjects. Many writers are shy or have no idea how to find folks to interview. The thing is, it’s a lot easier than they think. Everyone has something to sell or promote and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who says “no.” Still, unless you have a specific person in mind you might be a little overwhelmed or unsure of the possibilities. Again, finding interview subjects is easy….if you know where to look. Who to Interview? Unless you have a specific person in mind, you might be [Read more…]

b5Media: I’m in a Better Place Now

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When I first began working as a blogger, b5Media was at the top of my list of places to work. I mean, Liz Strauss, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse, all bloggers I looked up to, were part of b5Media. As someone who wanted to make a name for myself as a blogger, I felt this was a positive step in the right direction. My little freelance writing jobs blog was doing OK, I had some lucrative freelance writing clients, I just started working for as their guide to Weblogs, a b5 gig was the icing on the cake…and I [Read more…]

b5Media Layoffs Are a Good Reminder to Spread Those Freelance Writing Eggs Around

all your eggs in one basket

If you hung out on Twitter for any amount of time today, you may have learned b5Media had yet another round of layoffs. This time both part time and full time freelance writers for that content site were locked out of their blogs and shown the door. Some of the laid off writers were with b5Media since its inception about five years ago. It’s a sad day for a company that once held such a great buzz and terrific vibe. I was a blogger for b5Media and the experience was valuable (blogging lessons from Darren Rowse, I mean, does it [Read more…]

Follow Article Writing on Facebook

Heads up FWJ crew, Article Writing at Freelance Writing Jobs has a Facebook fan page! Come on over for great post links from FWJ and other great sites, stimulating conversation and an opportunity to ask all your deep, dark article writing questions.

Blog Posts vs. Articles: Audience Expectation

Today we further our discussion on the difference between blog posts and articles for both the web and print by looking at audience expectations.

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Blogs and Blogging

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Deb’s note: This is part three in our “Freelance Writer’s Guide to Social Media Series.”  Also see: The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Twitter and a Freelance Writer’s Guide to Facebook…and stay tuned for the accompanying ebook. It almost seems as if everyone who writes for a living has a blog about writing, doesn’t it? That’s not a bad thing as it gives us plenty of places to share ideas and learn. Even writers who don’t have blogs can benefit, though. In  this”guide” we’re going to take a look a the different ways blogs and blogging benefits freelance writers. Blogs You [Read more…]

New Research About Bloggers' Ethical Beliefs and Practices

My blogging pal Peggy sent me a link to a new survey you may find interesting – the survey, published in the journal New Media Society, takes a look at how bloggers handle their own ethical beliefs and practices. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore created a web survey related to the ethical ideals and ethical practices of bloggers, then sent said survey off to 1224 international bloggers with active, text-based blogs to find out more. The survey looks at both bloggers who blog for personal reasons and at bloggers who blog for clients. While the opinions of just 1224 [Read more…]

Blogging (For Others) For Free

Blogging has evolved from being a cool little hobby that might make you a little bit of money to a mega business. Some bloggers report to making six figures or more a year from their own blogs. Other bloggers earn the equivalent of a regular, family-supporting salary as a blogger for hire. Which, of course, is where we fit in. I came across this post at Gawker called “Volunteer Bloggers, Stop Subsidizing the Entire Internet“, and saved it to talk about here because it speaks to me. It reminds me of when I first started writing online in 2000. When [Read more…]

My Morning (Procrastination) Ritual

Do you have a morning ritual? Do you have a list of things to do before you begin working? I do. At first it was fifteen minutes, now it takes about an hour. I enjoy my morning ritual as it’s the perfect companion to my morning cup of coffee, but still, an hour. I wake up at 6:00 simply because I like to enjoy my coffee ritual in peace before the house wakes up. After I stoke up the laptop I: Check the various email accounts and respond accordingly – or sort those I don’t respond to into the appropriate [Read more…]

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