Freelance Writing Jobs for March 9, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Here are today’s freelance writing jobs that might interest you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Content writer for SAT (NY) 2. Part-time content writer (VA) 3. Part-time content writer (Telecommute) 4. Part-time wellness content writer (FL) 5. Freelance content writer (Toronto) Blogging Jobs 1. Wine […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 8, 2012

Times flies and it’s Thursday already. Here then are our lists of freelance writing jobs that you might want to consider. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Non-English content translator (Home-based) Blogging Jobs 1. Blogger (Mission District) 2. Freelance blogger for New York Knicks (NJ) 3. Dermatology blogger Copywriting Jobs 1. Freelance copywriter (Hawaii) 2. […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 6, 2012

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Freelance Writing Jobs Happy Tuesday everyone! Below are some freelance writing jobs that might interest you. Content Writing 1. Content Writer (CA/Freelance) Blogging Jobs 1. Freelance bloggers (TX) 2. Freelance bloggers Copywriting Jobs 1. Copywriter (Arlington, VA) 2. Marketing Copywriter (RI) 3. Freelance copywriter (NY) 4. Freelance copywriter (NY) 5. Freelance digital copywriter (CA) 6. […]

Your Turn: Should Freelance Writing Bloggers Blog Like they Talk?


Blogging is more conversational than traditional freelance writing. Bloggers don’t have to follow a particular style or format, nor do they have to consult manuals or guides to make sure they’re doing everything right. Most bloggers blog like they talk. In fact, when you think about it, the average person doesn’t speak  in the AP […]

Does Guest Blogging Work? Part 1: Traffic


I have  a love hate relationship with guest blogging. On one hand, I enjoy sharing with other bloggers’ communities. The flip side is that as a freelance writing blogger I’m supposed to discourage writing for free. It’s kind of a sticky situation because we complain that too many people are advertising on Craigslist for free […]

How Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?


During our last night at SXSW, my good friends  Andy Hayes, Chris Garrett and I enjoyed some dinner and conversation. Our topic revolved around blog community and whether or not our communities owe us anything for all the information we share. We all agreed that our communities support us in many ways including visiting our […]

10 Turnoffs Keeping Readers from My Blog

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Reader feedback is a blogger’s most important tool. By reading comments, emails and survey results pertaining to our blog, we’re receiving valuable information. Stats also provide a gold mine of information. For the most part, the feedback received regarding the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network is extremely positive. However, that doesn’t mean the negative feedback […]

How to Start a Blog: Part 1 – Choosing a Platform

Ok, so I think we all agree one can’t really earn a livable wage blogging for a network. As mentioned here before, there Are perks, but it’s best to start out with a network and take that experience and use it to start your own successful blog. First things first though… Blogs don’t happen over […]