Freelance Writers and Bloggers: Are You Backing Up Your Stuff?

The Freelance Writing Jobs blog you see here isn’t exactly complete. There are three different times I lost a bunch of blog posts. The first time was in 2007 when we lost more than a few posts after switching from Blogger to WordPress. We also lost several months of posts after the great server crash of 2008, and we lost a few posts after a crash in 2009. During the 2009 crash, though, we were able to rescue the posts thanks to our feeds and Google caches. The other times, they were lost in the abyss. These things happen. The [Read more…]

How to be a professional blogger

The other day I posted about Google CEO Eric Schmidt not seeming to be all that on board with bloggers. Some agreed, some thought he needed to read some WordPress blogs (not just Blogger), some felt he was just being pro editor and not dissing bloggers in general. That’s all good but if you are a blogger you should be aware that you can expand your professional appearance as a blogger without having to resort to saying stuff like, “I’m really a writer; not a blogger.” Bloggers, in my opinion, can be completely professional. There’s a ton of stuff you [Read more…]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt not on board with bloggers

So, last night Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave a nice little speech at the American Society of News Editors conference in DC, and apparently doesn’t find bloggers to be all that trustworthy. Maybe he was just trying to fit in with the print heavy crowd, maybe he only reads poorly written blogs or maybe he just really doesn’t like bloggers – who knows. However he did note… “We’re not in the news business, and I’m not here to tell you how to run a newspaper. We are computer scientists. And trust me, if we were in charge of the news, [Read more…]

More on Freelancing, Blogging and Giving Out Free Information


At SXSW last weekend I had a chance to attend a small, intimate gathering made up of many of the top writing bloggers and social media professionals in the space. We had an interesting conversation regarding email and how many people write to us on a daily basis requesting advice. Most of us described receiving hundreds, if not thousands of emails each day requesting advice for getting started, setting rates and other questions. So herein lies the dilemma…. Every bit of advice folks email to ask about can be found on this blog. For example, I receive mail asking for [Read more…]

Are You (Ab)Using Your Online Friends?


Does this sound familiar? You’re an aspiring blogger looking to make yourself known in a popular niche. All the blogging books and blogs tell you in order to do this you have to network heavily including commenting at other top blogs to bring in traffic. You do. You don’t just comment you become THE top commenter. You add your opinion to every single post and even drop some links if you can get away with it. As soon as your blog starts picking up momentum you forget that other blog. You don’t come by and comment or participate in community [Read more…]

b5Media: I’m in a Better Place Now

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When I first began working as a blogger, b5Media was at the top of my list of places to work. I mean, Liz Strauss, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse, all bloggers I looked up to, were part of b5Media. As someone who wanted to make a name for myself as a blogger, I felt this was a positive step in the right direction. My little freelance writing jobs blog was doing OK, I had some lucrative freelance writing clients, I just started working for as their guide to Weblogs, a b5 gig was the icing on the cake…and I [Read more…]

10 Celebrities with Blogs Worth Reading

blog 3

Several years ago, I wrote a post for a blog called Celebrity Cowboy called 66 Celebrities Who Blog. Today, I read again for the first time in years and realized it’s a little outdated. Plus it featured big names with blogs that weren’t updated or publicist-updated MySpace pages. I thought an update was in order, but one featuring recommendations of the celebrity-authored blogs truly worth reading. What does any of this have to do with freelance writing and the Freelance Writing Jobs network? I promise, it’s sort of relevant. Many of us blog and many of us read blogs. As [Read more…]

Wanted: Someone Who Gets It

by Deb Ng Warning: Brief rant up ahead. The other day I had a frustrating talk with someone about building community around a website. He’s going for celebrities and shock value rather than reach out to bloggers and social media, even though the bloggers and social media experts embraced the business early on. He called bloggers “amateur hour.” (Hint: Don’t wonder why no one is blogging about you, if you dismiss bloggers as amateurs.) I submit we can give you something the expensive, hot shot P. R. firms can’t. Now that more businesses are looking to build up community and [Read more…]

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