The No-Brainer Correlations Between Blogging and Social Media

blogging and social media

Editor’s note: This post was written by Aby League, a qualitative researcher and a passionate writer. She is an innovator and technology enthusiast. She has been writing about health, psychology, home improvement and technology. You can see more of her articles on Elite Daily. To know her more, follow @abyleague on Twitter. Today, blogs and social media platforms are doing wonders for the business community. They allow businesses to promote their brands across large audiences, as well as help them build brand identity and trust among customers. However, for this approach to be successful, business owners and/or freelance writers like you must learn [Read more…]

5 Blog Post Topics for When Your Inspiration Well Runs Dry

blog post topics

Writer’s block is that thing we all dread, yet happens now and then. We have a very useful resource on the topic of writer’s block and how to move past it, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, here’s a short list of go-to ideas that can help you come up with a blog post without having to go through the sometimes excruciating process of smashing that block to pieces. These blog post topics are rather general in nature, and you can tweak them and play around with them as much as you want to when you find yourself [Read more…]

5 Steps to Building Your Online Visibility As a Freelance Writer

online visibility

You may be able to sling words skillfully like a crusty old wizard casts spells, but without developing a solid online foundation to augment it, you’re likely to find yourself bereft of work; in other words, a wizard without a willing (or unwilling) experiment to transmute, burn, poison, or curse. Source Like it or not, online writing is one part penmanship prowess, one part online marketing. The sooner you accept those two seemingly disparate activities as halves of one complete entity called the online freelance writer, the better off you’ll be — and the sooner you’ll be landing more gigs [Read more…]

Beginning Bloggers: Finding Your Niche


Starting a blog is a lot like enrolling in college. Similar to how new students can be distracted by extracurricular activities, new bloggers can easily get so caught up in the excitement of designing a blog that they overlook one crucial detail: defining their niche. Without a mission statement to give your writing purpose and establish your content as worthwhile to readers, your site could end up dropping out of the blogosphere. If you’re a freshman blogger, consider these tips for finding your niche: K.I.S.S. It Beginning a blog is a commitment, so remember that Keeping It Simple is Smart. No, [Read more…]

Build a Devoted Following for Your Blog With These 3 Tips


It’s often said that starting is the hardest part of any journey. While that’s true of many an endeavor, that’s not the case when it comes to blogging. Starting is a relatively painless affair, and every corner of the Internet is stuffed with niche blogs authored by aspiring writers, aficionados of a subject, or simply people with an opinion they want to get out there … and the majority of those blogs have lifespans not much longer than that of the average housefly. No, starting is not the hardest part when it comes to blogging. Scratching, clawing, and writing your [Read more…]

Are You Aware of the Ongoing WordPress Global Attack?

WordPress global attack

You might be wondering why on earth we’re writing about WordPress on FWJ, but if you run your own blog and you use the platform, then you have to be aware of the WordPress global attack that has been the talk of that scene in recent days. We’re not all techie, and  you may even rely on other people to deal with the technical aspects of your site. If you do some tech tinkering yourself, though, it’s best to be aware of events such as this ongoing WordPress global attack. I don’t want to go too much into the details, but [Read more…]

Who Wants to Guest Post on a Splashpress Media Site?


Do you have “professional blogger” on your business card? Whether your card is real or imagined, if you consider yourself to be a blogger, then we at Splashpress Media have something for you. We are relaunching Performancing, a service which aims to provide a home for people like you. Whether it’s SEO, premium link building , or social media you are interested in, Performancing can help you with that. Performancing has been around for a while now, but we are taking things to a whole new level with this relaunch. In line with the relaunch, we are giving you a [Read more…]

Win a Platinum Listing Package at Blog Search Engine!

Blog Search Engine

Do you have a blog? Who doesn’t these days? One of the things about blogging is that you really have to work on keeping your blog alive. You have to bring value to your readers, and more than that, make sure the word gets out about your blog. While you can rest on your laurels and be content with the readership you already have, why do that when you can continuously get more exposure and attract new followers? This is the idea behind Blog Search Engine, a blog directory under the wings of Splashpress Media, the same group running our [Read more…]

How You, as a Writer, Can Find Your Creative Voice

Writing is a hobby that many enjoy. It allows us to contribute information through our words, touch people’s emotions and even vent our own. We can stir up passion for causes, help others improve their lives, or just pass on a story that has been simmering in our own minds that can be shared with others for their entertainment. For others it becomes more than a hobby and instead moves into a chosen career. Blogs and websites have made it easier than ever to get that writing out there and make money, where once few opportunities resided. But when it [Read more…]

How to Happily Accept Criticism

It has been said that the two most sensitive people in the world are artists and writers. This is often proven in how the two groups take criticism, which is a regular part of our chosen professions. Perhaps this is because we all tend to put so much of ourselves out there when we craft our art. We are opening ourselves up to review, and we all want what we create to be well received. As a blogger, you are even more vulnerable to negativity. Not only are you writing on a much more frequent basis, but you are doing [Read more…]

7 Blogs You Should Be Reading ‘Write’ Now

I firmly believe reading great writing is key to becoming a great writer. It doesn’t matter the subject, what matters is how the writer connects with their readers and how well they deliver the information they are charged with conveying. Check out these great blogs *listed in no particular order.* 1. The Oatmeal Before you cry ‘Foul!’ Yes, The Oatmeal is not a traditional, 500-word-per-post blog. It is, however, incredibly clever with the small amount of words each post uses. Each blog hits its target and it doesn’t dwell on ledes to do it. 2. TechCrunch Chock full of information, TechCrunch is [Read more…]

Time Management Tip #2: Be Realistic

It’s time to put down the cape. It’s also time be honest. Is that ‘to do’ list really doable? There are still only 24 hours in a day and the majority of our problems with time management involve unrealistic expectations. When you have a daily 20 or 30+ list of items that must be accomplished, you are setting yourself up for failure. The same goes for a list of three time consuming items. There are three quick ways to tell if your list of action items is too long: 1. Carry over. If you are still finishing Monday’s list on [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs Blog – The Best of January

Every month, the bloggers at FWJ work hard to provide quality and helpful content. Hardworking freelance writers click through looking for great leads and info, but let’s face it, some posts may slip by in the daily hustle and bustle. Here’s some great posts you may have missed: Writing From Home: Warnings & Tips on How to Survive When You Have No Office by Robin Parrish Robin captures the writing from home experience perfectly. My favorite: Get Out of the House. As important as it is to guard your at-home work time, sometimes you just have to get away from [Read more…]

Article Clip 911

This is it! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – a publication you’ve had your eye on is interested in your work. Perhaps you’ve had a chance meeting with an editor or saw a job post. Now all you need is to send in that one great clip. You know, the one that shows your skill, expertise and spot on interviewing? So you type the title and your name into Google to pull up the piece…It’s gone. Silly you, you never got around to saving that clip or even printing it out. You figured it would always be [Read more…]

10 Interesting Social Media & Blogging Stats


I recently came across a collection of stats as they pertain to social media and blogging. I found it to be a powerful collection of information to have. Especially while reflecting on old blog posts and considering future topics, social media goals and methods in which I can increase my traffic. With this kind of knowledge you can customize a long-term agenda that will fit in line with some of the current trends. When it comes to blogging and social media – now is not the time to get left behind. Social networking usage among seniors 65 and older grew [Read more…]

For The New Year’s Day Dream Makers

I had planned on taking the rest of the week off. Normally, I post on Tuesday and Thursdays, but Christmas and New Year’s this year I gave myself the Thursday before each holiday off. Then this morning I woke up with a memory: Years ago on New Year’s Day I was sick, had the day off from work and was researching information for the beauty and fashion column I wrote for a friend’s site. It was a fun thing I did on the side, but while researching I came across the term “freelance writer.” I realized there were people out [Read more…]

How Far Would You Go To Make Money Online?


There are few things that really astonish me about the whole making money online market – truly. However, the one thing that really gets me is the vast number of really slimy marketers who would obviously sell out their own grandmother to make a buck. Those slime balls are selling silly ebooks, memberships to sites with not-so-secret methods to turning a profit and those high pressure get-rich-quick formulas that have been around almost as long as prostitution. When you think about it, some of these heavy pitching websites are doing little more then pimping themselves out in the name of [Read more…]

2011 Writing Prep: Thick Skin

Picture 34

As a writer, it is perfectly normal to get shellacked on a weekly or monthly basis. Whether it’s rejection letters,  feedback from clients or mean-spirited comments on a blog or website there are plenty of days where the heart and ego will get bruised. Here’s the thing, it is the unfortunate by-product of success. Many define a writer’s success by their annual revenue. Others measure success by a writer’s influence – both online and offline. I look at those things, but I also look at a less rosy and overlooked area of success – feedback. We’ve all felt the sting [Read more…]

Shocking Tales of Unexpected Success

Tell your story.

Oh, and just to encourage participation, I’ll tack on a prize. The best story wins a free copy of The Concert for Bangladesh on DVD. You get Harrison, Clapton, Preston, Dylan and even Ringo in their full bearded 1971 glory!

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 4, 2010


Good morning, FWJ friends!  It’s the first Monday of the month, and I’m pleased to be sharing some job leads with you.  Here’s to a great month ahead! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network What’s Missing? Why Joint Authorship is Usually a Bad Idea Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Prolific Writers (Utah) Writer for Fencing Guide (San Francisco) Web Content Writer (Boston) Freelance Writer for Website (Orlando) Content Writer – Medical Articles (San Francisco) Freelance Writer for Health and Exercise Articles (Telecommute) Golf Website Writer (Remote) Content Writer – Gambling (Remote) Relationship Writers (New York City) Blogging Jobs [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for September 28, 2010

Good morning, FWJ friends! Here are your job leads for today. Have a productive day! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network How to Be an Internet Job Miner How to Be a Paid Writer – Lesson 2 Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Content Writers (Remote) Medical Web Content Writer Writers for Kitchen/Culinary Website (Austin) Content Writer (Madison) Freelance Writer (Montclair, NJ) Writers – Stories About Pets (Anywhere) Blogging Jobs Personal Finance Bloggers Fashionista Blogger (New York) Nightlife Bloggers (US) Freelance Blogger for (Online) Bloggers/SEO Writers (Los Angeles) Blogger – Senior Living (Chicago) Copy Writing Jobs Freelance Copywriter [Read more…]

Everything is Optional

I’m here to tell you that there’s no law requiring you to blog twice per day. There’s no rule demanding a professionally designed website. You can live without Twitter and Facebook if you’d like. You don’t need to comment on this post to show that you’re a part of this community in hopes that will somehow put money in your pocket.

Everything is optional.

Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community

nuts and bolts

If I call them secrets, people seem to pay more attention. However, there really are no secrets. Everything you need to know is right in front of you. It’s just a matter of sorting it out and putting it in a format you can easily process. With that said – I’ll be providing you with a series of three posts that piece it all together in simple, easy to process, steps. The Beginning: Choose a catchy title. Titles go a long way. Think of your title as the bait that gets people to the blog. Posts with numbers seem to [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for September 13, 2010

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Let’s welcome the week with a fresh batch of writing jobs!  Don’t forget to take a look at the articles below to keep up with what’s going on in the rest of the network. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network What Would You Do to Trim Your Tax Bill? What’s the Apostrophe Doing There? Backspace Agent-Author Seminar Coming in November 7 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Written Contract Hilarious! Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Urban Gossip/Entertainment Writers (Brooklyn) Content Writer (Philadelphia) Blogging Jobs Freelance Blogger Fashion and Handbag [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for September 8, 2010

Hi everyone! This week’s mid-week quote is from Blaise Pascal: When we see a natural style we are quite amazed and delighted, because we expected to see an author and find a man. Here are your job leads for today.  Have a productive Wednesday! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Are You Interested in Finding Editing Jobs? Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Topic Writing The Importance of the Shower That Whole “How to Write Good” Thing Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Ambitious Freelance Writers for Demand Studios Freelance Writers for Groupon Freelance Writers for Tattoo Writer (Houston, [Read more…]

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