What’s a Book Writer to Do?


I’ve had five novels published professionally, through an internationally-distributed publishing house. I’m contracted for one more, which will be hitting stores next Summer. And like all good authors, knowing that there’s an end in sight to my current contract, I’m on the hunt for a new one. After my first three books, getting a second […]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ

If you want to write a book and have it published by a reputable traditional publisher, then you need to demonstrate to an agent and publisher that your book will sell, and there is one very specific piece of information that you need to share in order to help prove your worth in terms of […]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – What Should the Title of My Book Be?


You have an idea for a great book or you’ve already written your manuscript and need to create the perfect title.  That title needs to appropriately convey the tone of your book but also catch the attention of a literary agent, publisher and readers.  That’s a tall order! My best advice when it comes to […]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – How Long Should My Fiction Book Be?

Last week, I wrote about how long nonfiction books should be in the Book Writing and Publishing FAQ series.  Today, I’m going to tackle fiction.  Before I dive in, I want to remind you that there are exceptions to every rule and the word counts provided here are simply suggested guidelines. In order to offer […]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – How Long Should My Nonfiction Book Be?

A very common question among aspiring writers is related to how much they actually need to write before their nonfiction manuscript can be considered complete.  In other words, how long should a nonfiction book be? Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to that question.  However, the reason is simple — the publisher usually determines […]

Pricing Book Writing Services


I received a question via the Freelance Writing Jobs contact form today that is probably fairly common among freelance writers.  A seasoned journalist sent me the following note: “An opportunity has been presented to me to write a book. The problem is I have no idea how to price such a venture.” How much should […]

The Brave New World of Writing


Nearly ten years ago, iTunes forever changed the music industry. The familiar business model of buying CDs made up of ten tracks or more was replaced by the ability to download individual songs. The record industry was thrown into turmoil and it took years for executives to figure out how to do business in this […]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – Do I Need to Write My Book Before I Try to Get an Agent or Publisher?


While I certainly don’t claim to be an expert about book writing and publishing, I have had 6 books published by major publishers, and I’m writing my 7th.  Therefore, I feel like I can answer at least some questions about book writing and publishing. Keep in mind, if you ask 20 authors, agents, or publishers […]

Introducing the Writing Life of Susan Gunelius


As a follow up to my post yesterday, Introducing the Professional Life of Susan Gunelius, today I’m going to share my writing life with the Freelance Writing Jobs community, so you can get to know me better. Here goes… Like most writers, I have always loved to write.  I’d rather take an essay test in […]