Freelancers Can Budget, Too!

Freelancers have, be definition, a fluid income source. Projects come and go, clients don’t always have steady work, and new opportunities are just around the bend. There is also the somewhat unsteady foundation for many websites, magazines and experimental publishers, which make it hard to know when what payment will be coming when, and for how long. In the past, I have spoken to dozens of other freelancers who seem to agree that this makes budgeting a near impossibility. As a consequence, they end up living from month to month trying to put their money wherever they can, and making [Read more…]

Freelance Writer, Tame That Wild Over Spending

Last week I wrote about four potential ways that freelance writers overspend. Naturally, because we’re all dirty overspenders, the comments turned into an exultation over the joys of inhaling fresh journals in the office supply aisle and our ecstasy at purchasing that perfect, unnecessary domain name.  But that must come to an end, because today is judgment day. And here’s how to catch and curb all this wild over spending you are (possibly) partaking in within your freelance writing business: Study Your Profit and Loss Sheet Or, if you prefer, call it an “Income and Expense Sheet.” That sounds somehow [Read more…]

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