Business Solutions for Freelancers: Get the Most Out of Each Purchase


Business purchases are expensive, especially for startups and small business owners without deep pockets. Rather than trying to have it all, look for ways to reduce what you have to buy without actually losing any functionality. It is all about getting more bang for your buck when you are dealing with running a business on a shoestring budget. Start by Introducing the Sharing Mentality Via Flickr by BlockSim This is not kindergarten again, but one effective way of reducing IT and technology costs are simply to not buy as many. Communal computers are often just as effective, especially on split [Read more…]

Keep It Simple – Forget The Fluff & Get To The Point!


Have you ever noticed some of the most successful websites or online services are extremely simple? Craigslist – Extremely boring look – super simple to navigate, hugely successful. Google Search – Again, very simple and not the most appealing when it comes to appearance. TechCrunch – Simple! Twitter – Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to create an account and become an avid tweeter. Seth Godin’s books – Simple and delivers a very clear message. Have you considered your site or the development of it in simplistic terms? Could it be you are over-thinking, over-complicating the process? There are so many cases where people are not achieving what they [Read more…]

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