5 Tricks to Filling Your Inbox with Answers


One of the most time consuming parts of a freelance writing job is the emailing. I do freelance writing on the weekends, and I find that the constant emailing back and forth sometimes takes me almost as long as writing the actual article. The emailing back and forth isn’t even the most strenuous part—it is the emails that get ignored that really kill me. When an email gets ignored I have to email the editor again for a follow-up, then check to see if the message ever sent, then again for another follow up, and then I take a month [Read more…]

Tell Readers What You Want Them to Do


In the world of blogging and internet marketing, a ‘call to action’ is a message that encourages prospects to perform a specific task. This can involve purchasing a product, making a donation, subscribing to a newsletter or feed, joining your community on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, things of that nature. The specific action is defined by the marketer and is based on personal goals. When you think about it, call-to-actions are really a very natural result of the majority of human interactions we experience almost daily. How many times have you called a friend up, exchanged pleasantries [Read more…]

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