Everything is Optional

I’m here to tell you that there’s no law requiring you to blog twice per day. There’s no rule demanding a professionally designed website. You can live without Twitter and Facebook if you’d like. You don’t need to comment on this post to show that you’re a part of this community in hopes that will somehow put money in your pocket.

Everything is optional.

A Little Help from My Freelance Writing Friends…

I guess I’m extending an invitation with this post. It’s an invitation to operate on a more sincere level than others might sometimes use. It’s an invitation to provide something of value to others–to really make human contact. That’s not just because you’ll have someone to hit up when you confront an issue. It’s also because you’ll be able to help other people when they need it.

How You Made My Life Easier, Free Nachos and Other Delights (Part 1)

Anyway, I wanted to do two things before walking away from that post and implementing those good ideas. First, I wanted to write a “wrap” post about the recommendations, noting the prevailing themes, providing my reactions to them, etc. Second, I wanted to give away the free nacho prize.

You’ll note that this post is labeled “Part One”. You’ll see “Part Two” next week. I’m going to use “Part Two” to break down all of the advice, to provide kind words of thanks to the geniuses who provided it and to come up with what I hope to be a few Marvelous Insights of my own.

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape: A Law for Online Freelance Writers


There’s a lot of ape-killing going on out there, folks. That statue of the Lawgiver is weeping again and this time the tears aren’t open to multiple interpretations. It’s all about sadness stemming from our transgressions.

The comments to a recent FWJ post are a great example. There are enough dead apes to dissuade a number of writers from engaging their peers.

How Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?


During our last night at SXSW, my good friends  Andy Hayes, Chris Garrett and I enjoyed some dinner and conversation. Our topic revolved around blog community and whether or not our communities owe us anything for all the information we share. We all agreed that our communities support us in many ways including visiting our blogs every time we post. Without this type of support, there would be no reason to blog at all. I always said that without my community I’m nothing and both Chris and Andy agreed. We appreciate the loyalty of our individual communities and we find [Read more…]

Blog Contests: Bribery or Motivation?

There are some interesting discussions going around now regarding the purpose of contests at blogs, especially contests building community. Is it bribery or buying community to offer a contest encouraging community? As you know, the FWJ network is having a comment contest for the month of October. The reason for this contest is: To encourage long-time members to come back into the discussion after recent negativity. To encourage visitors to each individual blog to visit the other blogs in the network. To encourage newer or lurking members of the community to add their two cents. To give something back to [Read more…]

What is Community and Why is it Important?


After reading James Chartrand’s post “Screw Community,” I’m inclined to put up a “What is Community?” post. I’ve defined community and its importance many times at Kommein, but that’s a whole different niche and a whole different, well, community. So I decided to bring it up here as well. In James’ post, he rants about bloggers who throw out the community buzzword whenever they need a favor or free stuff. I can relate. I receive requests every day from bloggers who want me to write for free, oh I mean provide a guest post. They feel we’re all part of [Read more…]

Introducing Kommein

New project alert! David Peralty and I have a great new project launching tomorrow. It’s call Kommein and it’s a blog about building community and community management. Kommein, by the way, is an Indo-European term meaning “shared by all”. In other words, community. As you know, community is very important to me and we wanted to create a place to share ideas and tips with other community minded people. I hope you stop by and read our posts and offer your own thoughts about community. This is so far a great, fun project. One that I hope keeps us busy [Read more…]

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