Yahoo! Buys Associated Content: Some Initial Thoughts

Yahoo! buys Associated Content

You probably heard Yahoo! is to purchase Associated Content for $100 million. I feel it’s a smart move seeing as how AOL Seed and Demand Studios are topping the searches with their content.  I’m not one to complain about content sites because I think quick web content articles and how to’s can be useful as […]

Content Mill Writers ARE Business People – And We’re All Proof of That


I just read, with interest, Yolander Prinzel’s post at All Freelance Writing entitled “Why Low Paying Gigs Are and Are Not Your Problem.” I’m inclined to comment, except my comment is so long that I decided to just post it here. Warning: Reactionary blog post ahead: In her post Yo discusses why you needn’t worry […]

Freelance Writing: The Great Divide

Great divide

Members of the freelance writing  community have been pointing out  I’m a little cranky lately. Everyone is writing to me to ask if something is wrong. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m fine. I’m just a little tired of the great divide in the freelance writing community. You’re either on one side […]

Four Types of Freelance Writing Sites We SHOULD Be Talking About

The content site discussion is getting old. Some freelance writing bloggers see the merits, others don’t, and neither the twain shall meet. What strikes me about the content site debate is that we focus on one or two evil sites as if they’re the only problem. If we’re going to be discussing the best places […]

How Content Site Writers Can Avoid a Bad Reputation

laptop 1

There are many sides to the content site debate and I understand them all, even if I don’t always agree. One popular argument for the anti-content site contingent is that the writers are unskilled laborers turning out crappy content. While I have seen some cases of truly bad content,  I know this isn’t the case […]

About Demand Studios: An Interview with SVP of Content & Editorial, Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed

Deb’s note: This interview is part three in a series offering a behind the scenes look at content sites. As there have been much speculation and a few rather one-sided “investigations” regarding some of these sites, I felt it would be fair to talk to the people who run content sites and let them tell […]

Freelance Writing Experience: Does it Matter Where Your Clips Come From?

Credit where it’s due: A few days Jodee Redmond wrote: “Will Taking a Low Paying Hurt Your Career.” Jodee’s post is the inspiration for this one. Disclaimer: This post isn’t encouraging writers to accept low pay, it’s merely a discussion of whether or not your low paying past will hurt you when you apply for […]