How to Engage a Reader When you are Writing About a Boring Topic


As freelance writers, we don’t necessarily have the freedom to pick and choose the topics we are going to write about all the time. There may be times when you end up writing about a boring topic. The good news is there are some strategies you can use to engage your reader and make your […]

Alternatives to Writing for Revenue Sharing Sites

Well, there you have ‘em–a few alternatives to writing for revshare sites for new writers. I think they’re all credible alternatives to using your professional skills to supply user-generated content to sites willing to pay you only a fraction of the ad revenue they generate and that have so many other shortcomings.

How Can a Freelancer Build a Web Content Client Base?

You’re not alone. I know that because I get emails asking, “How in the hell can I get decent clients?” on a regular basis. I know that because I see folks quizzing discussion board participants with variations of the same question.

The Secret Life of a Freelance Writer

I have a secret day/night life, too.  Mine doesn’t rival the Angel story and it isn’t as fun as Giddens’ tale.

Sometimes, in the evening, I write things that pay next to nothing.  And I do it just for fun.

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 8, 2009

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How Long Does it REALLY Take You to Write an Article?

hour glass

Credit where it’s due: Just got done reading Laura Spencer’s “Writing Thoughts vs. The Five Minute Article Writer.” It has me thinking a lot about article writing and what goes into writing a good article. Can you write an article in five minutes? Me either. How about 30 minutes? Yes, sometimes. You see, I used […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday February 9, 2009

by Deborah Ng ‘Morning friends. I know the majority of our visitors come for the leads, but I hope you’re also checking out the entire blog network from time to time, including the original Freelance Writing Jobs blog. Some great leads this morning. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to give me […]