Lessons in Copywriting – Part 3

If you missed them, follow the links to read earlier parts of the Lessons in Copywriting series: Part 1 ~~ Part 2 Part 3 of Lessons in Copywriting teaches you how to make sure the marketing copy you write is succinct using a tool I call the Red Pen Rule, which I discuss in detail in my book, Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps. Let’s take a step back first. The most powerful copy is clear, concise, and leaves no room for confusion.  We’ll talk more about that in Part 4.  Today, you need to understand the importance of not [Read more…]

Can Anyone Be a Copywriter?


If you take a trip across the Internet to learn about copywriting or find a copywriter, you’re likely to walk away with the impression that anyone can be a copywriter.  Unfortunately, there are many people out there who claim to be copywriters but have no experience and no knowledge of how copywriting differs from narrative, expository, or any other form of writing.  And let me just say right now that I do not think hard sales letters which promise you’ll be a millionaire if you buy this 10-DVD set or similar pie-in-the-sky claims can be included as copywriting.  They’re a [Read more…]

Corporate Freelance Writing Jobs–Five Places to Find Them


Many writers are interested in finding a corporate freelance writing job. The advantages of a corporate freelance writing job are many: Corporate freelance writing jobs tend to be long term. Also, if you have a contract with a corporation, you can usually count on being paid. Plus, let’s face it, it looks good to have a well-known corporation in your portfolio and on your writing resume. Finding a corporate freelance writing job can seem daunting if you don’t know where to look. In this post, I share five places where you should focus your marketing efforts if your goal is [Read more…]

Content Freelance Writing Gigs
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