How to Make Sure Your Job Application Gets Ignored

job application ignored

Replying to job listings is probably one of the main things that freelance writers do on a daily basis. While some of us may be fortunate enough to have long-term clients that provide us enough income not to pitch to someone new every day, sending in job applications is still an inherent and crucial part of freelance writing. Source I’m writing this post from the perspective of someone who goes through job applications on a regular basis. In the past months, I think I’ve seen so many – and deleted even more. I thought it would help our readers, especially [Read more…]

Creating A Professional Image As A Freelance Writer


As a freelance writer, one of the biggest challenges you face is setting yourself apart from everyone else. There are lots of amateurs out there who claim to be professional writers – so unless you show your potential clients that you are serious, you’re not going to stand out from the crowd. There are a number of effective ways to do this, and some can actually save you time and money. Image source Appearing professional starts with the quotation that you give to your client. Don’t just write an email that explains how wonderful you are – instead, invest the [Read more…]

The Language in Your Cover Letter Matters

As writers, we are very conscious of words and how they are used (or we should be).We know that the words we choose to use in our work matter, but do we give the same care to the language we use when writing a cover letter? If you are applying for a brick and mortar job, the goal of writing your cover letter should be to get invited to meet with the employer for an interview. When you write a cover letter for a freelance writing gig, your focus is a bit different. Many clients don’t interview in the traditional [Read more…]

Be Specific When You Write Your Cover Letter

Applying for a freelance writing job can be a bit different from looking for work in the brick and mortar world. Some clients will take the time to assemble a short list and conduct interviews, but many of them rely on the information in your cover letter, resume and/or writing samples to make a decision about whether they would like to work with you. You may only get one opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective client, so take extra care when composing your cover letter. Take the time to tell the reader about your experience as it relates to [Read more…]

Connect With a Potential Client Through Your Cover Letter

Have you ever thought about why you would write a cover letter to someone? It’s not simply a way to let them know that you are forwarding your freelance writing resume and/or samples for their review. Your cover letter is a way to introduce yourself to the potential client and invite him or her to enter into a discussion about whether you can effectively work together. If your goal is to invite further discussion, you need to add something more than a simple laundry list of your qualifications. By all means tell the client something about your background, but share [Read more…]

Rethinking Your Freelance Writing Job Strategy


So you’ve been searching for freelance writing jobs for several months or more and so far haven’t yet landed a gig.  Though it’s a competitive market, good writers should still not have too many problems finding work within a couple of months. There are so many opportunities available during this time, it shouldn’t be too difficult for someone with talent and good writing samples to earn a living. Still many aspiring freelance writers are frustrated because they’re not landing any lucrative gigs, or even gigs at all. If you’ve been job seeking for some time and you’re still not finding [Read more…]

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