Where I Hunt for Freelance Writing Job Leads – and You Should Too!


My list of places to find freelance writing jobs for our daily job lists changes on a regular basis. As I learn of new resources or remove resources that aren’t working for us anymore, I make adjustments to my list. I also like to make these lists available to you from time to time so […]

FAQs Answering Your Questions About the Gigs Posted at Freelance Writing Jobs


We receive questions every day about the jobs we post at Freelance Writing Jobs. Since many of them are the same,  I thought I might put together some FAQ’s for you. I think I covered most of the usual questions but if you would like to know anything else regarding the jobs posted here, please […]

The Rates are Going Up and Other Freelance Writing Job Board Trends

up trend

I’ve been trolling the freelance writing job boards practically every day for the past five years. All of them. I read Craigslist, use the Indeed search engine, and visit a variety of other job boards and networks including Journalism Jobs and Media Bistro. As noted in another post, even if I wasn’t looking to place […]

5 Reasons Why Freelance Writing Job Ads are Flagged on Craigslist

red flag

Craigslist has a reputation for being a haven for scammy types. The truth is, it’s no less scammy than other job boards. In fact, with its flagging system many of the scams are dealt with in a swift and efficient manner. There’s a problem, though. Because of the same flagging system, a lot of the […]

Craigslist Ad of the Day: The No ByLine, No Pay… No Dice Ad

by Deborah Ng I’m not sure where to begin here. The mind boggles. Big Magazine Looking for Male Weekly Writers (Midtown) Reply to: Date: 2008-11-05, 8:58AM EST An ongoing magazine project seeks writers of all ages to keep short seven-day diaries of their relationship lives. We love women, so please feel free to respond, but […]