Freelance Writing Jobs for August 31, 2010

Good morning, FWJ friends!  Here are your job leads for today.  Enjoy the last day of August! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Is the Word “Freelance” Hurting Your Job Search? PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship Accepting Submissions Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Article Writer (Cleveland, Ohio) Math Content Writers for Grades […]

Introducing the Writer’s Success Resource Center

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Writer’s Success Resource Center, a joint project between Freelance Writing Jobs and PoeWar. The Resource Center, which is sponsored by Demand Studios, features articles, podcasts, webcasts and videos filled with in-depth information to help all freelance writers achieve success. John Hewitt of PoeWar and I will take […]

Yahoo! Buys Associated Content: Some Initial Thoughts

Yahoo! buys Associated Content

You probably heard Yahoo! is to purchase Associated Content for $100 million. I feel it’s a smart move seeing as how AOL Seed and Demand Studios are topping the searches with their content.  I’m not one to complain about content sites because I think quick web content articles and how to’s can be useful as […]

Content Mill Writers ARE Business People – And We’re All Proof of That


I just read, with interest, Yolander Prinzel’s post at All Freelance Writing entitled “Why Low Paying Gigs Are and Are Not Your Problem.” I’m inclined to comment, except my comment is so long that I decided to just post it here. Warning: Reactionary blog post ahead: In her post Yo discusses why you needn’t worry […]


Apply your writing skills to an exciting and reliable freelance position in service journalism. Demand Studios, the industry leading article production studio powering the 17th most visited network of websites in the world with high quality content, is looking for talented writers to join our team. Learn more below and apply to start writing for […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 25, 2010

It’s Sunday morning as I start this post. I have some time to spare this week and I’m using it to get ahead. To me, there’s no better feeling than knowing I had a productive day. Actually…there is something better – knowing that I’m ahead for the week and I can take it a bit […]

Experienced Online Writers Wanted: Telecommute

Experienced freelance writers needed to create informative and engaging online articles on hundreds of unique topics. As a Demand Studios writer, you are able to claim and work on the assignments that appeal to you most and enjoy a timely payment schedule for each approved article. The Position: • Freelance position enabling you to work […]

About Demand Studios: An Interview with SVP of Content & Editorial, Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed

Deb’s note: This interview is part three in a series offering a behind the scenes look at content sites. As there have been much speculation and a few rather one-sided “investigations” regarding some of these sites, I felt it would be fair to talk to the people who run content sites and let them tell […]

Demand Studios Donates 16,072 Books to Needy Children

In October, Yury Polnar, Demand Studios’ Marketing Acquisitions Manager, and I sat down for breakfast at the Las Vegas Hilton to relax with a cup of coffee before BlogWorld. While we were chatting, Yury expressed his desire for Demand Studios to use their celebrity for good and help a children’s charity. At that time, there […]

Freelance Health Writers Wanted

Freelance Health Writers Wanted – telecommute LIVESTRONG™.com is a leading online destination for health-related tips and advice, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors every month. To ensure LIVESTRONG™.com visitors are consistently presented with the best answers to their diverse health-related questions, we are looking for freelance writers across the country to create informative articles on […]