Freelance Writing Jobs for August 31, 2010

Good morning, FWJ friends!  Here are your job leads for today.  Enjoy the last day of August! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Is the Word “Freelance” Hurting Your Job Search? PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship Accepting Submissions Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Article Writer (Cleveland, Ohio) Math Content Writers for Grades 6-11 Content Providers – Debt Relief (Georgia) Article Writer (London) Freelance Writers – Demand Media Studios (Philadelphia Area) Content Writer (Huntington Beach) Article Writers for Website Poker Writer Blogging Jobs Freelance Automotive Bloggers (Fort Lauderdale) PR/Blog Writer (US) Copy Writing Jobs Freelance Pharma/Medical Copywriter (Indianapolis, [Read more…]

Introducing the Writer’s Success Resource Center

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Writer’s Success Resource Center, a joint project between Freelance Writing Jobs and PoeWar. The Resource Center, which is sponsored by Demand Studios, features articles, podcasts, webcasts and videos filled with in-depth information to help all freelance writers achieve success. John Hewitt of PoeWar and I will take alternating Mondays for our featured content. The content will be beyond what you see on our usual blog posts. We’ll be offering in depth tips and practices you can put to use right away and we’ve invited some special guests to join us. Chris Garrett, [Read more…]

Yahoo! Buys Associated Content: Some Initial Thoughts

Yahoo! buys Associated Content

You probably heard Yahoo! is to purchase Associated Content for $100 million. I feel it’s a smart move seeing as how AOL Seed and Demand Studios are topping the searches with their content.  I’m not one to complain about content sites because I think quick web content articles and how to’s can be useful as long as they’re well written and factually correct. Also, I believe content sites are creating jobs, helping to improve the economy, and helping writers to earn money during a time when competition for gigs is fierce. However… It’s no secret I’m not a fan of [Read more…]

Content Mill Writers ARE Business People – And We’re All Proof of That


I just read, with interest, Yolander Prinzel’s post at All Freelance Writing entitled “Why Low Paying Gigs Are and Are Not Your Problem.” I’m inclined to comment, except my comment is so long that I decided to just post it here. Warning: Reactionary blog post ahead: In her post Yo discusses why you needn’t worry about content site writers as your competition, but offers an enlightening look at some of the things you should concern yourself with. I’m not arguing with most of her points because they’re fair. For the most part, I agree with Yo in that content mill [Read more…]


Apply your writing skills to an exciting and reliable freelance position in service journalism. Demand Studios, the industry leading article production studio powering the 17th most visited network of websites in the world with high quality content, is looking for talented writers to join our team. Learn more below and apply to start writing for popular sites like,, and many others. THE POSITION: This freelance position enables you to write around your schedule with no min or max work requirements Our robust assignment library enables you to claim and work on the articles of your choice Focus [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 25, 2010

It’s Sunday morning as I start this post. I have some time to spare this week and I’m using it to get ahead. To me, there’s no better feeling than knowing I had a productive day. Actually…there is something better – knowing that I’m ahead for the week and I can take it a bit easier and put in extra time on a few projects. To be honest, finding leads is the most tedious part of the day. It takes two to three hours to get it done every morning.  That’s why I try and get as much done the [Read more…]

Experienced Online Writers Wanted: Telecommute

Experienced freelance writers needed to create informative and engaging online articles on hundreds of unique topics. As a Demand Studios writer, you are able to claim and work on the assignments that appeal to you most and enjoy a timely payment schedule for each approved article. The Position: • Freelance position enabling you to work around your schedule • Write on diverse subjects that interest you most (fitness, auto, outdoors, gardening, etc) • Receive feedback from industry leading copy editors to ensure high quality work • See your work published on today’s leading websites (,, etc) • Received bylines [Read more…]

About Demand Studios: An Interview with SVP of Content & Editorial, Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed

Deb’s note: This interview is part three in a series offering a behind the scenes look at content sites. As there have been much speculation and a few rather one-sided “investigations” regarding some of these sites, I felt it would be fair to talk to the people who run content sites and let them tell the FWJ community a little about what they do, the benefits to their writers and why their sites are unique. In the past we featured interviews with the people behind Suite101 and HubPages. This interview was conducted in the beginning of November, but hopefully isn’t [Read more…]

Demand Studios Donates 16,072 Books to Needy Children

In October, Yury Polnar, Demand Studios’ Marketing Acquisitions Manager, and I sat down for breakfast at the Las Vegas Hilton to relax with a cup of coffee before BlogWorld. While we were chatting, Yury expressed his desire for Demand Studios to use their celebrity for good and help a children’s charity. At that time, there was no concrete plan, just good intentions. A couple of weeks later, Yury called to tell me about a campaign to donate books to needy children. Working with First Books, Demand hoped to donate 20,000 books during the month of December. Even though Demand Studios [Read more…]

Freelance Health Writers Wanted

Freelance Health Writers Wanted – telecommute LIVESTRONG™.com is a leading online destination for health-related tips and advice, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors every month. To ensure LIVESTRONG™.com visitors are consistently presented with the best answers to their diverse health-related questions, we are looking for freelance writers across the country to create informative articles on thousands of unique health topics. As a writer for LIVESTRONG™.com, you’ll be able to share your health knowledge with a large and vibrant community while earning a reliable paycheck and extending your personal brand on one of today’s leading health websites. View Sample Article Learn [Read more…]

Demand Studios Offers Grants to Writers

Full disclosure: Demand Studios is a sponsor for FWJ. As part of our partnership, I get to bring you some important news. Like this: Demand Studio continues to find ways to offer opportunities to their writers beyond that of your usual “content mill”. Today, they announced a grants program to their creators including writers, editors, and film makers who have been with the program for three months or longer…and have had approved assignments at least three months prior to the date the grant application is submitted. Those applying for grants must reside in the United States. The Details… Grants will [Read more…]

On Bad Writing, Bad Proofreading and Responsibility


Credit where it’s due: Carson Brackney’s most recent post discusses Angela Hoy’s latest  rant against content sites and the people who write for them. In his post, “Content Mills, Angela Hoy, Search Engines and the Quality of Writng” Carson explores who really bears responsibility for bad content. This isn’t to argue Carson’s point, more to discuss the difference between bad writing and bad proofreading and also to touch a little on the responsibility part. I was going to leave a comment on Carson’s blog but it got too wordy, so I’m sharing my thoughts here. Warning: This is kind of [Read more…]

Demand Studios Launches “Write for a Cause”

Write for a cause

Today, freelancers from Demand Studios are going to receive information regarding the “Write for a Cause” campaign. Thanks to a partnership with First Book, one book will be donated to needy kids for every eight articles written.  The goal is to donate 20,000 books on behalf of their community during the month of December. Here are your details: Demand Studios is a sponsor of Freelance Writing Jobs

A Few More Words About this Whole Demand Studios Insurance Thing

I was up for some time last night thinking about the reaction to the announcment that Demand Studios was offering affordable health care coverage to their freelance writers. To be honest, I’m perplexed by the reaction. I’ll always expect more than a few people to direct negativity in Demand Studios’ direction, but I didn’t expect a flat out rebellion. Call me delusional and naive (and I believe someone already did) but I felt more freelancers would see the gesture for what it was, a sincere desire to do something good to show their freelancers how appreciative they are for their [Read more…]

Behind the Scenes of the Demand Health Care Announcement

I find these posts hard to write. Because of my partnership with Demand Studios, there are always some people who write off my positivity as being a shill or mouthpiece. So I can tell you about why I feel so positive about Demand Studios, but half of you will walk away thinking I’m paid to say all of this stuff anyway. I’ll editorialize a bit later on in this post, but don’t worry, I’ll announce it first so you can leave if you want to. Instead of saying what I want to say about Demand Studios off the bat, I’m [Read more…]

Demand Studios Announces Health Care Options for its Freelancers

Demand Studios made the announcement today that they are offering health insurance options to their freelancers. Though we touched upon this one month ago, the freelance writing community has been waiting with baited breath to learn the details.  Some even wondered if it’s too good to be true.  As this is unprecedented, I can understand why so many people are so skeptical. However, it is happening. I’m about to get on a call with the Demand Studios team and will bring you any updates. This is what I know in the mean time: Who is eligible? Demand Studios freelancers who [Read more…]

Health Writers Needed for

LIVESTRONG™.com is looking for freelance writers in the San Diego area with demonstrated experience and expertise in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. As a LIVESTRONG™.com writer, you’ll be able to share your health related knowledge with a vibrant community of health aficionados and regular folks looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Launched in July 2008, LIVESTRONG™.com is the definitive destination for health related information, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors each month and growing. • Click Here to See a Sample Health Article • Click Here to Learn More and Apply ABOUT THE POSITION: Demand Studios publishes the article and videos [Read more…]

Postcards from LAX: More Notes from the Demand Studios Creator Conference

I’m sitting at LAX right now with roughly an hour left to wait before I fly. As I go through my email I’m blown away by how many Demand Studios contributors and community members are eager for news from this week’s Creator Conference. At first I wondered if it would seem too spammy to blog about the details of this very unique event. However, in the past I’ve blogged from The BlogWorld and New Media Expo and South by Southwest. It seems only fitting I cover the Demand Studios event as well. I’m not going to go into too much [Read more…]

Greetings from the Demand Studios Creator Conference

On th ebeach

This is NOT a sponsored post. No one is paying to write this post, I’m speaking from the heart. I’m writing this from Santa Monica, where I’m attending a very unique event, the Demand Studios Creator Conference. I was invited to attend to learn more about Demand Studios, talk with the team, and meet the writers. I can’t even begin tell you what a powerful experience this has been. To say that the folks who are part of the Demand Studios team are passionate about what they do is an understatement. Though they make no bones about wanting to grow [Read more…]

Freelance Writers Wanted

Freelance Writing Jobs is pleased to welcome Demand Studios as our newest sponsor. The folks at Demand Studios are always so impressed by the caliber of writers coming from FWJ and we’re happy to support a company that works with both new and established writers. Demand Studios® – one of the web’s top writing communities responsible for publishing thousands of articles a day to a large network of premium media brands including, and – is seeking experienced freelance writers to create insightful articles for more than 30 million readers to view. We are currently recruiting writers who [Read more…]

Demand Studios is Looking for Web Content Writers

Take control of your writing career with Demand Studios. We give you the tools and flexibility you need to earn a living while pursuing your passion for writing. Due to expanded distribution, Demand Studios is recruiting writers to research and write articles for our growing network of websites. New article formats include product reviews and travel articles. This is a freelance position where you can claim and work on multiple assignments at a time, allowing you to work at your own pace and earn extra money around your own schedule. Payment is flat fee per article and deposited weekly into [Read more…]

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