Building Your Freelance Portfolio with WordPress: Essential Plugin Pack

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There are many reasons why many freelancers choose WordPress for building their portfolio of websites: It’s easy, reliable and flexible (thanks, of course, to plugins). Okay, maybe you will occasionally be told that Tumblr or Blogger is the better choice especially for those looking for a more casual blogging experience. But for the professionals, WordPress always comes out on top — and for good reason, considering the number of features, tools and free plugins you can access to customize and monetize your content.

Best Tweet of the Week

Actually this might be my favorite Tweet of the month. The Tweeter: doshdosh My reasoning: It made me laugh out loud (more than once). Sure I like think-worthy tweets, but I can always use some funny. I’m not a Digg fan, but then, I’m not a big Reddit user either. Mainly I think it’s hilarious that someone would go to so much effort, and in such a high school way. Have you seen any funny tweets this week? Share in the comments if you have.

Will Work for Diggs

I hit the Digg front page a couple of times and it felt darn good. When I hit it wasn’t because I sent a shout or email to friends asking them to vote. Each time I hit, someone else (someone I didn’t know even) submitted my post and it got lucky. On the occasions I asked for Diggs for what I felt were good articles nothing happened. I stopped asking for Diggs and Stumbles, however, because I feel doing so on a regular basis turns one into a pain in the butt. It’s no secret how I feel about people [Read more…]

Cool it With the Digg Requests

I have this thing about Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties. I rarely go to them. Invitations for these things usually come from people who wouldn’t call me to say hi, invite me out for a drink or even send a Christmas card. Yet somehow I’m a good enough friend to invite over so I can spend my money so the hostess can receive some free merchandise. No thanks. I feel the same about Digg and Stumble requests. I don’t mind doing them, but if you’re not going to at least drop a line or a Skype to say hello to [Read more…]

Being A Team Player at A Blog Network

As a blogger at a blog network, what’s typical is to be split into sections (or niches or channels). It could be by blog topic (such as all the pregnancy and parenting blogs are grouped together), it could be that your blog is simply one of many assigned to a particular managing editor, or it might be that the network is small enough that everyone falls under one main managing editor, or whatever the boss likes to be called. What’s true of all networks is that within your section, the bloggers and editors can work as a team or not [Read more…]

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