Things that Go Bump When We Write – Phone Phobia

Being a successful writer is tied to being an efficient one. We need to put out work in a manner that meets our deadlines and budget lines. Unfortunately, there are a variety of things that keep us from writing as well, as often or as efficiently as we need to – including faux phobias. I say faux phobias because most of us really just hate doing a particular thing, but don’t necessarily have a debilitating fear of it. The next couple of posts will take a look at some common faux phobias writers find themselves afflicted with and how to [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Cabin Fever? 5 Tips for Dealing with a Snow-In

Outside 2-11

I have freelance writing cabin fever. Not wanting to dig my car out for the 11th time in a week, I’m stuck at home watching more snow fall and wishing I had an important errand to run.  Freelance writing cabin fever strikes the best of us. When we’re bored with working at home and can’t get out, it’s serves as a distraction. Since I’m so distracted by the snow, I’m hoping the topic of cabin fever will help me  to get my focus back on track. By the way, cabin fever doesn’t only happen during times when multiple blizzards hit [Read more…]

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