Freelancer? Writing Consultant? Work at Home?

Today my fav blogger and former owner of FWJ, Deb Ng, started a discussion on Facebook about the lack of respect people have for work at home folks. I joined in and voiced my annoyance over how quickly people dismiss my job and ask what my husband does for a living to decipher the ‘real […]

Help! I’m stuck on my lead!

The lead (lede). It’s an essential part of an article. It’s the hook that brings readers in, it’s the flag that sets the tone for the rest of the article. A reader’s road map…I could go on and on. There’s nothing more frustrating than doing the research, conducting the interviews, gathering your cup of joe […]

Things that Go Bump When We Write – Missed Email Phobia

Missed email phobia strikes when writers hear that little ding, chime or chirp letting them know an email has arrived in their Inbox. Most people can hear their alert and keep plugging away, staying on task. Others argue with their innerselves. The smart, rationale side says most things coming in via email can wait until […]