The Brave New World of Writing


Nearly ten years ago, iTunes forever changed the music industry. The familiar business model of buying CDs made up of ten tracks or more was replaced by the ability to download individual songs. The record industry was thrown into turmoil and it took years for executives to figure out how to do business in this brave new world. Today, the publishing industry is going through the same digital revolution, thanks to the advent of ebooks. Just weeks ago, a big name literary agent decided to bypass traditional book publishers to work directly with and its Kindle ebook reader, giving [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 3, 2010

Have you taken the FWJ survey to tell us what you think of the Freelance Writing Jobs network? If not, I hope I’m not too forward in asking you to do so. Our periodic surveys are how we learn how we’re doing and if we’re bringing you everything you’re looking for. We received a good response so far and with the exception of one comment (hugs and kisses to my BFF.) we’re receiving positive, constructive criticism. This will help us to bring you the tips and advice you’re looking for, do away with the stuff you’re not feeling and tweak [Read more…]

E-Book Writer Wanted – $10/Page

I am looking for a content writer that can create short about 20 pages ebook for i am willing to pay $10 per page. The ebook i want to create will be heavily focused on successfully starting and promoting job board that is a part of the blog (like What i would like to have covered is: – how to bring in job seekers (the fact that blog is established does not mean that people there are interested in job offers, which i found out myself ) – how to bring in job posters that are willing to [Read more…]

Content Freelance Writing Gigs
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