Financial Pitfalls for Freelance Writers – and How to Avoid Them

financial pitfalls

Freelance writers have all the financial freedom in the world, don’t we? Source I wish!!! The truth is that while we do have the potential to earn more than if we held a 9-to-5 job, the degree of financial uncertainty is always there. It’s not far from the truth to say that freelance writers may face more uncertainty when it comes to financial issues. While we do have those periods when we get a whole lot of money, there are financial pitfalls that we should not ignore. If we tend to “live easy, love free”, before we know it, we [Read more…]

Managing Expenses as a Telecommuting Writer


Our personal and professional lives often blur as freelance writers, since you might complete a few assignments during the morning at a cafe, attend a sports event or birthday party, and then resume your work in the evening. Many are drawn to the freelance lifestyle because it gives you time and location flexibility that few jobs can offer. However, you can become shackled by poor spending habits, especially if you don’t watch your money management while working. Here are a few tips on sustaining your freelance lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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