Wasting Your Time as a Freelance Writer

With the risk of sounding like I’m ranting, I’d like to talk about wasting your time as a freelance writer.  There has been a lot of discussion here at FWJ about where to focus your priorities.  We’ve talked about building skills, about establishing a well-balanced portfolio, and about making an awesome first impression.  A lot of you are taking that advice to heart, and I can only assume you’re seeing the success because of it.  If not, keep pushing – good things take time to build. But a lot of writers, in my opinion, are wasting their time – and [Read more…]

3 Tricks to Keep on Track When You’re the Boss

As freelancers, we don’t have bosses to check up on us and to make sure that we’re on track to get all of our work done. There are plenty of freelancers for whom that’s never a problem, but, sometimes, some of us need a little help staying focused on our work. Over the years, I’ve found a few different strategies that work for me. Build in procrastination: Some days, writing is harder than others. On those days where I want to be anywhere but my desk, I break down my assignments into small increments. I’ll tell myself that as soon [Read more…]

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