Top 10 Things Freelance Writing Blogs Tell You That You Already Know

Originally this post was to have been called “Are the Freelance Writing Blogs Telling You Stuff You Already Know?” so we could have a big discussion about how redundant and unoriginal we all are. Let’s face it, every freelance writing blogger says the same thing, we just use different words. We all want to convince you we’re the best in order to get your traffic, but most of all have the same background, got the same sort of start and now we’re each competing to give you information you already know. None of you are dumb. You don’t need hand [Read more…]

Avoiding the Bobby Brady Approach to Specializing as a Freelance Writer


There was a reason you didn’t see many members of the the casts of the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family move on to bigger, meatier roles.  It’s because most hiring agents couldn’t see any of these kids past their Bobby  Brady or Danny Partridge roles. No matter how hard these actors tried to shake these old gigs, they were destined to be seen only as former child sitcom stars. Oh sure, they find work now…playing their former roles in sequels and reunion movies or doing reality TV, but it’s not like they’re doing much else. That’s what happens when you’re [Read more…]

How to Stop Relying on Your Freelance Writing Clients and Make A Name Doing Your Own Thing

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We need our freelance writing clients. Their projects pay the bills and if not for them we’d be at the office jobs we loathe. Still, most writers aspire to make a living writing for themselves. No bosses. No clients. No deadlines. Of course, the problem with this is we can’t stop writing for clients because we need the money. In the Internet age, it’s easy to take advantage of our freelance writing clients in order to boost our careers. Many count on their their clients to give them a boost. Many bloggers even count on clients’ blogs and websites as [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 20, 2010

Part of me feels as if it’s been 2010 for a months and part of me feels as if the decade just began. Funny how time can be so fleeting and take forever as well. Your Daily Lists Let’s see what goodies we have in store for you today? If there’s anything you particularly enjoyed, do let us know in the comments. New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network 32 Posts About Setting Rates, Finding New Clients and Going for the Freelance Writing Gold Rocking the Productivity and Making Good Use of My Freelance Writing Time Your Blogging Business Card [Read more…]

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