What is This Patch Thing?


If you’ve been searching for freelance writing or editing jobs online lately, then you’ve undoubtedly come across job postings for Patch.com.  I did some digging to get the details about Patch.com, so Freelance Writing Gigs readers would know what it’s all about before you decide to apply (or decide to ignore those jobs).  Following is […]

Are You Interested in Finding Editing Jobs?

Many freelance writers also look for freelance editing jobs to supplement their incomes.  Are you interested in finding links and information about freelance editing jobs on Freelance Writing Jobs?  Answer the poll below and tell us if this is an addition you’d like to see on Freelance Writing Jobs or not. Do you want to […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for September 29, 2009

I spent most of yesterday trying to get into a gmail account which, for some reason, wouldn’t allow me in. Frustration. Thanks for your patience, by the way. I’m still catching up from my trip and there are  a lot of leads to go through. I’m sure I’ll be posting earlier as my workload gets […]