What Matters Most: Good Brand Fit or Reliability?

I like to have some background noise when I’m working, and I often have the television on during the day. It’s interesting where ideas for blog posts come from sometimes: I started watching an episode of D.C. Cupcakes, a reality show about two sisters who run Georgetown Cupcake. To be honest, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at first, but when the ladies became involved in hiring new staff, the show became a lot more interesting to me. I’m always curious about the hiring process from an employer/client’s point of view, whether it turns into something I can blog [Read more…]

What Do You Value as a Freelance Writer?

At first glance, it may not appear that your freelance writing clients and your values are related. The types of gigs you go after, the people you decide you would like to work with and what you have decided is most important to you are very closely related. Good Income As a freelance writer, if you have made a decision that you want to make a lot of money (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that making a high income is one of your goals), you will make a point of seeking out clients who have deep pockets. [Read more…]

Do You Interview Potential Clients?

When you are communicating with a potential client, do you take the time to interview them to make sure that both of you are a good fit. I admit that when I first started out, anyone with a pulse and a checkbook looked good to me. At that point, I was more concerned with getting someone to hire me than thinking about whether our working together would be a good fit. Over time, I started reading freelance writing jobs more carefully to get an idea of what the client wanted before I applied. When I got a response back about [Read more…]

Why You Should Continue Your Job Search in the Summer

Summertime, and the living is easy…..It can be hard to get (and stay) motivated to look for work when it’s sunny and warm outside. The summer is a time when many people do take time off, but you would be mistaken if you concluded that there is no point in continuing to look for your next great freelance writing gig during the summer months. While people do take time off and some businesses may slow down during this time, it doesn’t mean that there are no clients who are hiring now. You should continue to make pitches, send out queries [Read more…]

Do You Tell a Client About a Disability or a Chronic Health Condition?

Working as a freelance writer is different from looking for work as an employee. You are sending pitches out or applying for gigs as a contractor. Where I live, an employer is required to provide accommodations for employees with disabilities, up to the point of extreme hardship. Contractors don’t have this level of protection. I believe that clients care about whether a particular freelancer can do the work that has been assigned, and turn it in by the deadline more than if the person they have hired has a disability or lives with a chronic condition. If you work remotely, [Read more…]

Stretch Yourself When Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

Most people, whether they are working for an employer or freelancing, want to feel like they are working toward something better. They may be trying to get a better salary or qualify for a promotion. Whatever the individual’s personal “carrot” hanging on a stick in front of them, they need something to keep them motivated on the job. The same thing is true for freelance writers. We have an idea of what “success” means to us, and while what it looks like is as unique as the writers themselves, part of it usually involves a writer stretching him or herself [Read more…]

Are You Busy?

I personally hate getting asked this question by clients. The truth is that I am busy. My family is probably a lot like yours – we enjoy eating and living indoors – so I make sure that I stay busy. When a client asks that question, they are really trying to find out whether you are too busy to talk to them about a project. That is an entirely different question. I’m never too busy to talk to a client or a prospective client about their writing needs. To tell someone that you are too busy to talk to them [Read more…]

The Job Pyramid and What it Means to You

The job market is shaped like a pyramid. Consider the pyramid shape for a minute. It’s broader at the base and gets narrower as it rises to the top. The same thing is true when you are looking at freelance writing jobs. If you are looking at entry-level opportunities, there are many of them out there. I’m just talking about numbers, not whether they would be a good fit for you or whether they pay a rate that you would feel comfortable accepting. One of the reasons that I like checking out leads on Indeed.com is that this job search [Read more…]

Newspapers: A Source of Freelance Writing Jobs Leads

Did you know that your daily newspaper can be a good source of leads for freelance writing jobs? I’m not necessarily talking about the job ads, either, in case you are wondering. If you are looking for work from local clients, the newspaper is a good way to find out what’s happening with businesses and organizations in your community. Check out the business section to find out which companies are introducing new products or hiring more staff. A business that is launching a new product may be interested in your pitch to update their marketing materials or web site to [Read more…]

Attitude Counts When Looking for Freelance Work

Is looking for freelance work a necessary evil to you or something that you take in stride as part of the life of a freelancer? No matter how busy we may be at any particular point in time, we need to keep in mind that things can change very quickly. A client who was keeping us busy with steady work may not have much for us at a particular point in time. We may decide that it’s time to move on from a client or a type of work we have outgrown. The gig may be for a specific project [Read more…]

Don't Let the Holiday Season Stop You from Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs

As we get closer to Christmas, it may be tempting to cut back on or abandon our efforts to get freelance writing jobs. It would be a mistake to assume that no one is hiring or that you should shelve your efforts to build your business until the New Year. There are opportunities to be found all year round, and you should plan to keep on applying to job ads and putting out feelers to potential clients at this time of year as well. People who hire freelance writers still need to get their writing work done. Even if there [Read more…]

Do You Send Out Holiday Cards to Clients? You Should!

The Holiday Season is a great time to reach out to your clients by sending them a holiday card. If you aren’t sure which holiday they celebrate there are a number of generic “Seasons Greetings” cards you can choose from. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and clients are no different. When you send them a holiday greeting, whether it’s an actual card that you send by snail mail or an e-mail, you are letting them know that they are important to you. Without them, you don’t have one. Take the time to thank the people you have worked with this [Read more…]

Freelancers Need Flexibility to Succeed

When it comes to your freelance career, how flexible are you? We live in uncertain economic times, and I would suggest that the freelancers who are the most adaptable will fare the best. Like a number of people, I read What Color is Your Parachute a number of years ago. One of the things I took away from reading that book was to stop thinking of myself as only one thing when it came to my work life. I am not simply a content writer or a copy writer, an e-book writer, a blogger, or whatever. I am a person [Read more…]

If You Want More Work – Just Ask!

One of the keys to having a successful freelance business is providing exemplary customer service to your clients. (Being able to write well and follow instructions is right up there, too.) You also need to start building up a group of clients who will provide you with repeat business, in addition to networking and applying for new opportunities. Here’s a tip to help turn a one-time client into a repeat one: Ask for more work.

Breaking Up With a Client is Hard to Do

We’ve been talking about how to find new writing assignments here at Freelance Writing Jobs, and I wanted to take some time to talk about ending a working relationship. There will be times in your career when either a client will decide not to work with you any more or you will decide that it’s time to move on. Sometimes, the end has nothing to do with your work at all. Your client’s needs may change due to economic factors or for personal reasons. A couple of months ago, one of my long-time clients had to tell me that he [Read more…]

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