Tax Tips: Understanding Form 1099-MISC

Form 1099

You have this freelance writing thing down cold.  Your writing sparkles with informative content that educates and entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Editors are calling on the hour with request for more work at whatever rate you name.  You finally ditch that boring nine to five job and now spend your days with […]

Alleviate Quarterly Estimated Tax Burden By Paying… Monthly?

Quarterly estimated taxes are coming up next Tuesday. Honestly, I don’t really like to think about emptying my pockets for Uncle Sam until I absolutely have to, but paying quarterly taxes in April, June, September and January Is just a sad fact of life for we poor, suffering freelance writers. I have been in the […]

The Pros and Cons of a Separate Bank Account for Freelance Income

The Cons of Opening a Separate Checking Account for Freelancing Income

Hooray! A check from a client came in. Now what? Do you stick it in your personal bank account where it mingles with your part-time job income and your spouse’s direct deposit? If so, you might be making your life needlessly harder when it comes to keeping your freelancer finances straight. A couple of weeks […]

Pay Less to Uncle Sam Later by Tracking Your Tax Write-Offs Now

Hang on to Business Receipts

Last week I wrote about how, like it or not, keeping track of tax deductions is a year-round job for freelance writers. Yes, I know. Yuck. Don’t you hate when people are part of the problem and not part of the solution? For that reason, I decided to follow up with a post about what […]

Now’s the Time to Track Those Tax Deductions

Now’s the Time to Track Those Tax Deductions

Wait, what? But April 15th just passed, you’re saying. Can’t I please get a break from all this tax talk? Sadly, no.  While they’re no fun to think about, if you’re a freelance writer, tax deductions are a part of your life all year round. And trust me, you want to think about tax deductions […]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions

At Freelance Writing Jobs we strive to provide you with the best information possible about starting your freelance writing career. With so many posts offering tips and advice, it can be hard to find useful information that’s not on the front page of this blog. Since we receive a lot of email asking for tips […]

26 Blog Posts and Articles About Freelance Taxes


So…I’m sitting here thinking about how my quarterly taxes are due in January and probably many of you are having the same experience. Freelance writers don’t pay taxes in the same manner as those who are salaried employees. We have to plan ahead and predict. For freelance veterans, this may all seem routine. However, new […]

How to Solve Freelance Tax Problems


by Thursday Bram When something goes wrong with an employee’s taxes, her employer is often responsible when everything is said and done. For freelancers, though, no employer is going to take the time to correct errors. That means that you have to take responsibility for making sure that all of your paperwork is in order […]

It's freelance tax time – are you ready?

Ah tax season. Taxes can be confusing even under the best of circumstances, and who has those? Add in divorce, child tax credits, college loan interest, home credits and so on and even the most prepared start to get a little loopy. Case in point, I’m pretty sure I reworked my taxes at least five […]

Tax Tips for Freelance Writers Part 4: When a Writer Needs to Hire a CPA


by Thursday Bram While the standard business advice is that you need to hire a CPA as soon as you go to work for yourself, most freelance writers don’t need to call on a CPA quite that fast. As long as your taxes are fairly straight forward, you can take your 1099s to a tax […]