Should you Post Freelance Writer Rates on your Website?


Any time the question of freelance writer rates comes up, a heated discussion rapidly ensues. No doubt there are many different opinions about whether it is appropriate to post rates on your website for potential clients (and your competition) to see, or if you are better off inviting your clients to contact you for a quote instead. We’re going to examine different options so that you can decide which will work best for your business.

Do You Want to Hear About What Other Freelance Writers are Making?

When freelance writers talk about rates, the conversation can get heated very quickly. It’s a topic that a lot of us obviously feel very passionate about. Am I curious about how much other freelancers make? Well….. Yes and No. On one hand it’s helpful to know what the pay range is for what we do. The flip side is that unless the person sharing the information also gives details about the type of work they do, their level of experience, educational background, etc., I don’t have a frame of reference to put it in. Are they working full-time or part-time? [Read more…]

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