Practical Ideas to Promote Your Writing Business

promote your writing business

Last weekend, I was talking to a friend about how some freelancers we know have gone back to a desk job, and how they struggle with the required discipline and structure needed – and implemented – in most offices. We dwelled on the idea how, many years ago, writers, developers, and designers found themselves looking […]

Top 3 Challenges Freelance Writers Face in 2013


Freelance writing is not an easy profession. While many might connect it with a laid back lifestyle, there are many challenges which writers face on a regular basis, but they are all obstacles which can be overcome. Competition There are thousands of freelance writers out there, and for every single job, you will have to […]

5 Things Freelancing Taught Me

Things freelancing taught me

For the past three years, I have run my own virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance. Born out of my ability to write and edit, paired with the increasing demand for virtual assistants, I combined the two to create my own business. This journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has certainly been worth it. […]

Freelancer 2.0 – Shoeboxed Review Test Page

  There have been many advances in the field of freelance writing over the last few years: for most publications it is no longer necessary to send in an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) query; electronic payments outpace snail mail checks; social media has made it easier to connect to other writers and editors, etc. The […]

Getting Through a Slump in Your Freelance Writing

Dear Readers, I wanted to share a comment with you that was posted here the other day: I have been in a bit of a dry patch since Christmas! I worry more about how I’m going to get the payment off my client than how I’m going to get the job. There are so many […]

Building Your Freelance Writing Brand – Part 12

So far in the Building Your Freelance Writing Brand series, you’ve learned: The fundamental steps of building a brand How Google and the social Web can help you build your brand Tips for responding to negative or erroneous publicity How to develop and manage your online brand reputation Fundamental SEO tips How brand loyalty, brand […]

Building Your Freelance Writing Brand – Part 11

In Part 10 of Building Your Freelance Writing Brand, you learned about brand positioning in terms of owning a word in consumers’ minds.  There is another part of brand positioning that you need to consider before you begin to develop strategies to market your business within your industry. There are three basic positions that your […]

Building Your Freelance Writing Brand – Part 10

Brands aren’t built by companies.  They’re built by consumers who develop emotions for brands after they interact with them or experience them in some way.  The consumer perceptions that develop enable consumers to develop expectations for those brands.  If a brand consistently meets those expectations in every customer interaction and experience, consumers will get a […]

I Don’t Live in the United States – Can I Apply for U.S. Freelance Writing Jobs?


I receive a lot of emails and comments on Freelance Writing Jobs posts asking the same question: I don’t live in the United States.  Can I apply for U.S.-based freelance writing jobs? Since it’s such a common question, I want to provide an answer publicly.  Here goes… Can you apply?  Yes.  The hiring manager will […]

Building Your Freelance Writing Brand – Part 6

Part 6 of the Building Your Freelance Writing Brand Series teaches you some easy search engine optimization tips to help you boost search results for your name, brand, and targeted keywords. Most traffic to websites and blogs comes from search engines (with Google driving the vast majority of traffic).  Therefore, it’s important that you understand […]