Managing Expenses as a Telecommuting Writer


Our personal and professional lives often blur as freelance writers, since you might complete a few assignments during the morning at a cafe, attend a sports event or birthday party, and then resume your work in the evening. Many are drawn to the freelance lifestyle because it gives you time and location flexibility that few jobs can offer. However, you can become shackled by poor spending habits, especially if you don’t watch your money management while working. Here are a few tips on sustaining your freelance lifestyle without breaking the bank. Working Away from Home Cafes, restaurants, and even pubs [Read more…]

Four Ways Freelance Writers Overspend

A wonderful treat, a not-so-wonderful domain name

We’re freelance writers. All we need to get the job done is a laptop, limber fingers, and a heaping dose of writing skill. To the outsider, it doesn’t seem like we could possibly overspend within our freelance writing businesses. Oh but we do. These are just some of the expenses that trip freelance writers up: Office Supplies – You buy color coordinated post-it notes even though you spend your whole day at a computer with Evernote right at your fingertips. Or, if you’re like me, you tidy your office supplies away in the name of “organization” and then forget you [Read more…]

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