Busy Crossroads: Transitioning to Full-Time Freelancing

Career word on stair up to open door

For professionals who’ve worked in the same industry for years, a change may be in order. Do you identify with any of the following? A lack of purpose and passion Working a dead-end job No one is investing in you Insufficient compensation If you’re feeling any or all of these symptoms, you may be ripe […]

Ready, Write, Clips!


A former student of mine graduated with a degree in theater and set off to Hollywood to make her way in her chosen world. She soon learned an interesting twist about the requirements of Hollywood: in order to land a part you need a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. But in order to have the […]

A Beginner’s Beginning: How I Got Into Freelance Writing

You’re just starting your journey into the world of freelance writing. Maybe you are looking to make it a career, or maybe you are looking to make a little Target, I mean, grocery money while you stay at home with the kids. Either way, that first step can be intimidating. Where do you start looking? […]

Article Quickie: Freelance Writing Jargon

Deadline These are those all important dates that you never miss. It’s when an article is due, when the editor wants it in and when excuses will be tough to take. Dek A quickie summary of what an article is about, it usually is placed in the table of contents or under the article headline. […]

Freelance Writing as a Summer Job for College Students

Have you ever come across those freelance writing jobs that are “perfect for students?” Me too. I don’t necessarily appreciate ads that target moms, students or retired people because it usually indicates to me the hiring person is trying to justify extremely low pay. However, that doesn’t mean that freelance writing isn’t a good way […]

How to Land Your First Freelance Writing Job

I’m thinking back to the early days of freelance writing. I’m remembering a time when the possibility of landing freelance writing jobs was overwhelming, yet seemed very real. I’m remembering the days when I couldn’t wait to look for work, but was afraid to look for work. I’m remembering the time when fear and lack […]

Some Quick Tips for Balancing a Full Time Job While Building Your Freelance Writing Business


If I had to pick one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing, it would have to be building a freelance writing business while still working full time at my day job. I did this for two years, from 2000 to 2002, and also in 2008 and 2009 when I had a full time social […]

The Non Traditional Freelance Writer’s Approach to Freelance Writing

path less traveled

Every now and then it’s suggested I’m doing this wrong, that my approach to freelance writing isn’t traditional and that the tips shared here are incorrect. It’s even been hinted that perhaps I don’t look out for a writer’s  best interests because I don’t follow the old-school rules of journalism or insist you follow the […]

15 Greeting Card Markets

greeting card

With all our talk about writing for the web or writing for the magazines, we miss out on what can be some very lucrative markets. Today I thought we’d explore a market we haven’t much discussed here at Freelance Writing Jobs, the greeting card market. As you can imagine, greeting card people aren’t looking for […]