Free Samples and Writing on Spec: Should You?


Many freelance writers aren’t a fan of writing on “spec.” That is, to create an assigned article for a potential freelance writing client or publication without the promise of acceptance. This usually happens when a publication doesn’t want to commit to a new writer without giving  him or her an audition first. When you encounter a freelance writing job ad looking for a specially prepared (and possibly unpaid) sample, that’s almost the same thing as writing on spec.  I call these request “special samples.” Special samples are writing requests beyond the clips that are submitted with the initial query or [Read more…]

Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Ad Red Flags

red flag

When you troll the job boards every day you learn a little about the tactics many shady or very low paying employers use to find freelance writers. As someone who has been reading freelance writing job ads every day for over a decade, I can tell you some things haven’t change. The good news is that after all this time it’s easy to spot poor opportunities. Perhaps you’ve come across these red flags: Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Ad Red Flags 1. Perfect for Work at Home Moms, Retirees or College Students Jobs are perfect for writers, not situations. The [Read more…]

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