Show, Don’t Tell for Freelance Success


When you are communicating with a potential client about a freelance writing job, you want to present yourself in the best possible way. Unlike applying for a traditional job, you may not be asked to meet with the client for a face-to-face interview; your cover letter, resume and samples may be your only shot at […]

Should You Take a Survival Job as a Freelance Writer?


I’ve seen a number of web sites recently that suggest freelance writing as a survival job for people who are in between employment opportunities. While I admit that I do find the idea that anyone who can string a couple of words together can get paid to write until they find something better to do […]

Would You Complete a Personality Test for a Freelance Writing Job?


When a person is working for a brick and mortar job, it’s not uncommon for the employer to request that the candidate undergo some type of testing. People who are interested in working in law enforcement or as firefighters are required to complete physical and personality tests as part of the screening process. Applicants for […]

How to Cope with a Client’s Inappropriate Questions

Have you ever been asked an inappropriate or even illegal question in a job interview? It’s happened to me on occasion, and unfortunately both times the interview was for a job at a law firm. (You would think legal types would know better, but apparently they don’t.) One person interviewing me asked if I was […]

Four Things the Academy Awards Can Teach Us About Freelance Writing


Were you glued to the television last night checking out the Oscars? Were you more interested in what people were wearing than who actually took home one of the golden statues, or was it all about seeing people rewarded for their work? I watched a little bit of the show last night, but didn’t stay […]

The “Busy” Question and Freelancers

When you are talking to a client (either a new one or someone you have worked with before) about a gig, the question of a deadline and your schedule is going to come up. Some clients keep it really simple and will explain that they need a particular job done by such-and-such a date and […]

On Freelance Writer Rejection: Sometimes It’s You


If you are a freelance writer, rejection is part of the job. I don’t think anyone actually likes being rejected, and some days it’s easier to take than others. I don’t know if this technique works for anyone else, but when I get rejected I let myself feel the emotions that go with being told […]

What Have You Done Lately?


If your goal is to stand out from other freelance writers who are applying for the same gig, you need to spend some time thinking about yourself and the skills and abilities that you bring to the table. You will have included this information on your resume, so that a prospective client can find out […]

Are You Afraid of Your Freelance Writing Clients?

It’s early October, which means that the build-up to Halloween has already started. I’ve been enjoying some scary movies lately and I’ve been thinking about the fact that everyone is scared of something, whether they admit it or not. My list includes heights, large bodies of water, clowns – the usual stuff. I can also […]