On Freelance Writer Rejection: Sometimes It’s You


If you are a freelance writer, rejection is part of the job. I don’t think anyone actually likes being rejected, and some days it’s easier to take than others. I don’t know if this technique works for anyone else, but when I get rejected I let myself feel the emotions that go with being told […]

What Have You Done Lately?


If your goal is to stand out from other freelance writers who are applying for the same gig, you need to spend some time thinking about yourself and the skills and abilities that you bring to the table. You will have included this information on your resume, so that a prospective client can find out […]

Do You Care About Your Clients’ Business?

How much do you care about your clients’ business? And what does caring have to do with getting hired for a freelance writing gig? Plenty. I believe that success is based partly on having a certain amount of raw talent but it’s mostly about showing up, doing the work and developing good relationships with the […]

Dealing with One of “Those” Days

Dear Jodee, How can I get back on track when my day starts off in a frustrating way (rejection e-mail, snarky communication from a client, etc.)? I work from home and I find it challenging to get focused on what I need to do when I’m faced with something disappointing or frustrating when I first […]

What’s More Scary: Fear of Failure or Success?


Fear of failure is something that I think most writers live with. In order to work, we have to either be answering ads, pitching our services to prospective clients, sending our queries or writing and marketing our own products. Sometimes we get the gig, and other times we don’t. Most of the time, we realize […]

How to Deal When a Client Drags Their Feet

Dear Jodee, What do you do when a client wants to hire you but then drags their feet getting you the necessary material, putting you behind on schedule on their project AND others? Dawn Dear Dawn, When a client wants to hire you but doesn’t finalize the arrangement by giving you a deposit and/or providing […]

Just Be Yourself When Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs

When I was thinking about how to approach this post, I started thinking about tips for how to package yourself so that a prospective client will want to hire you. I thought the better of it,and this is why I came to that conclusion: The client may not say so, but he or she is […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 19, 2010


Good morning, FWJ friends!  We have a typhoon in our neck of the woods, but things are still looking pretty good.  How are things in your part of the world?  Well, here are your job leads for today.  Enjoy! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network What to Do Before You Answer that Freelance Writing […]