Newbie Freelance Writer Needs Advice

Hi Jodee, I am very new freelance writing. Writing has always been a passion for me, and I finally decided to publish some stuff online. I have published an academic dissertation on and received good feedback. I have written on Hubpages purely for fun and recently I have started ghost writing, as well as writing for an article directory. Of course, the income is very low, but it gives me pleasure to research and write. Despite the low income, I ensure that what I write is of high quality. I have three questions: 1. How to make that step-up [Read more…]

Writing for Free or for a Low Pay – Don’t Let Anyone Else Judge You


I’ve been told that an ongoing debate that can get quite ugly on this site relates to whether or not people should take writing opportunities that are unpaid or offer a very low payment. Let me preface my opinion on this topic by saying I don’t think anyone should judge why another person takes one job over another.  Every person, whether they’re a writer, an actor, a business person, or work in any other profession, has unique experiences, education and circumstances.  To judge another person’s willingness to take a job that is unpaid or low paying is completely unfair.  Until [Read more…]

How Much Should I Charge as a Freelance Writer?


I think starting at the very beginning is always a good place to dive into a new blog community, so let’s start our journey together on Freelance Writing Jobs by talking money.  After all, that’s usually the thing people are most interested in, right? It’s hard to know how much to charge for your freelance writing services because job opportunities run the gamut in terms of pay rates.  I’ll leave the discussion about whether or not you should apply for low-paying freelance writing jobs to another day (yes, I do have an opinion about that, which I’ll share later this [Read more…]

The Pros and Cons of a Separate Bank Account for Freelance Income

The Cons of Opening a Separate Checking Account for Freelancing Income

Hooray! A check from a client came in. Now what? Do you stick it in your personal bank account where it mingles with your part-time job income and your spouse’s direct deposit? If so, you might be making your life needlessly harder when it comes to keeping your freelancer finances straight. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about all the fine tax deductions freelancers like you and me get to take at tax time. But be warned, those nifty little deductions can get lost among payments to the grocery store, the vet, and Uncle Hal’s Hardware and Bait Shop. [Read more…]

How to Raise Your Freelace Writing Bar and Get the Big Bucks

raise the bar

You know from reading this freelance writing blog and others the most often asked questions have to do with rates. Specifically how to charge more as a freelance writer and how to raise rates on down the line.  It’s easier said than done. We can all say, “raise your rates” or “charge what you’re worth” but many writers either aren’t sure how to go about doing that or lack the confidence to move ahead with their freelance writing careers. I can’t give you confidence, but I can throw out a few things to consider. I don’t believe in a one [Read more…]

Freelance Writing: Nothing Has Changed & Everything Has Changed

The IBM Selectric - the height of technology for many freelance writers in the '80s.

Every now and then I like to focus on the business of freelance writing and how things have changed over the past 25 years. Though I wasn’t freelancing in the mid-80’s to late 90’s, I worked with many freelance writers. I helped to assign articles and chased those who were late on their deadlines. I also acted as a sort of liaison between the accounting department and freelance writers to ensure they received payment. Mostly, I gave them my ear. As assistant to the Editor in Chief, I was one of the few in our company who had my own [Read more…]

Freelance Writers: Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

keyboard and screen

Here’s a discussion topic to keep you busy until I list the next round of markets. I just had an interesting Skype chat with a friend of mine who also happens to be a former client. He hires many freelance writers each year, and pays them very well, especially by some of today’s web writing standards. He’s frustrated with the lack of effort put forth by many of his freelance writers. He’s not the only one either. I’ve heard from others who hire freelancers that the freelancing craze is producing some lazy or lackluster writers. I’ve been quoted as saying [Read more…]

32 Blog Posts About Setting Rates, Finding Clients and Going for Freelance Writing Gold

gold medal

Common questions asked by the Freelance Writing Jobs community are those having to do with rates and finding clients and opportunities. As I write another post about finding higher paying opportunities, I realize that I, as well as other bloggers, have discussed these issues on many occasions. Why not, gather the highlights together for you here? What follows is advice from the best in the business. Some of these posts are from the Freelance Writing Jobs network, and many others are from a variety of the writing and freelancing blogs around the blogosphere. I hope you them useful. Please add [Read more…]

5 Options for Avoiding PayPal Fees & Keeping All Your Freelance Writing Pay


I just contacted several of my clients and advertisers and asked if they could pay me by check or direct deposit rather than PayPal. PayPal is convenient, but the fees are killing me. Though they’re tax deductible, I paid about $2000 in PayPal fees in 2009. I’d much rather have that money in the bank. I’ve been thinking about PayPal for the past couple of weeks after one of FWJ’s contributors told me he never uses PayPal because he doesn’t want to deal with the fees. As a client, it’s cheaper and easier for me to pay via PayPal. As [Read more…]

5 Things to Consider When Discussing Rates with Other Freelance Writers

Jodee Remond featured a thought-provoking discussion the other day in her post “Do You Want to Hear About What Other Freelance Writers Are Making.” In this post, Jodee discussed whether or not freelancers should disclose their income to other freelancers. Many freelance writers are very interested in what others earn, so much so that some writing forums have regular threads where many of the writers list their income for the month. While I agree that it can be very motivating to learn some freelancers are earning $4,000 to $6,000 per month, I also feel that this information is useless without [Read more…]

5 Suggestions for Moving Away from the Easy Gigs to the More Lucrative Freelance Opportunities


Regardless of how you feel about low pay vs. high pay, you can’t deny there are plenty of “easy” writing gigs out there. I call them “easy” because they’re easy to land, easy to write and they pay like clockwork. After time, we have to make a decision: Do we stick with the easy gigs or try and branch out to gigs that are a little tougher to land but pay much better money. Perhaps a mixture of both? The choice is up to each individual writer. However, if you’re considering a move away from the easy gigs to more [Read more…]

6 Tips for Asking for a Raise in Your Freelance Writing Pay Rates

Many freelance writers use the beginning of the year as a time to give themselves a well-deserved pay raise.  If you’re a good writer and your customers are pleased, there’s no reason you shouldn’t periodically raise your rates to reflect your status, and, also, to keep up with your cost of living. Most clients won’t balk at a reasonable pay raise if they’re getting bang for their buck. If you’re contemplating a rate increase in 2010, you might be interested in a few tips for approaching clients. 6 Tips for Asking for an Raise in Your Freelance Writing Pay Rates [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Experience: Does it Matter Where Your Clips Come From?

Credit where it’s due: A few days Jodee Redmond wrote: “Will Taking a Low Paying Hurt Your Career.” Jodee’s post is the inspiration for this one. Disclaimer: This post isn’t encouraging writers to accept low pay, it’s merely a discussion of whether or not your low paying past will hurt you when you apply for other gigs.This discussion isn’t about low pay or whether or not writers should accept entry level opportunities. It’s whether or not these opportunities will cause you to lose work. When I was younger it was my dream to become a newspaper columnist. I couldn’t wait [Read more…]

Freelance Writing and the Big Screen TV Factor


Credit where it’s due: Yesterday I was making my blog rounds when I stopped at a post by James Chartrand entitled “Want More Clients? Explain Yourself.” James explained how some potential clients will choose the lowest bid, but might be inclined to change their minds if you convince why you’re worth the extra pay. As I commented, it reminded me of what I call “the big screen TV factor.” Thus, a blog post is born. When my husband and I were shopping around for a new television, we spent a lot of time researching. Instead of rushing out to WalMart [Read more…]

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