A Quick Guide to Freelance Writing Success

freelance writing success

Everyone who enters the realm of freelance writing goes into it with the idea of being successful. Some may think it’s as easy as pie. Others may think it will take time. Seasoned freelance writers will know that the latter group is more accurate. While there is no step-by-step foolproof guide applicable to all writers […]

Freelance Writing Success: Are We There Yet?

Success can be kind of a slippery word. Like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. We all want to be successful in our freelance writing career, and there is no shortage of resources telling us how to do it. Some of the information is readily available online, including the posts that the team […]

Do You Care About Your Clients’ Business?

How much do you care about your clients’ business? And what does caring have to do with getting hired for a freelance writing gig? Plenty. I believe that success is based partly on having a certain amount of raw talent but it’s mostly about showing up, doing the work and developing good relationships with the […]

What’s More Scary: Fear of Failure or Success?


Fear of failure is something that I think most writers live with. In order to work, we have to either be answering ads, pitching our services to prospective clients, sending our queries or writing and marketing our own products. Sometimes we get the gig, and other times we don’t. Most of the time, we realize […]

When Good Article Writing Goes Bad

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On the outside, writer ‘A’ appears to be successful. Their byline appears in multiple publications, they make a decent living as a freelance writer and they can roll out most articles with minimum effort. That’s a good thing right? Maybe not. Writer ‘A’ has got what I call “By Rote Disease.” It’s a common affliction […]

When Freelance Writers Need a Wake Up Call

In order to encourage the freelancer writers in this community, I like to keep the tone light and positive. Though I don’t take the “in your face” approach to blogging, I’ll agree that there are plenty of times when freelance writes need to have the truth laid out for them in order to view all […]

Luck v. Hard Work

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Does everyone tell you you’re lucky because you’re able to make a successful living as a freelance writer? Are constantly reminded of your “luck” because you’re able to work at home, support your family and still have some money left over for fun? Do your fellow freelance writers discuss your luck at finding high paying […]

Which Trait is Most Important to Freelance Writing Success?

If you think about the people you know (or know online) that are successful freelance writers, what do you think they have in common? This question can be a bit challenging because freelancers come from a number of different backgrounds. They can be any age, and while some have studied writing in university, others hold […]

Stretch Yourself When Applying for Freelance Writing Jobs

Most people, whether they are working for an employer or freelancing, want to feel like they are working toward something better. They may be trying to get a better salary or qualify for a promotion. Whatever the individual’s personal “carrot” hanging on a stick in front of them, they need something to keep them motivated […]