Where are You in Your Freelance Writing Career?

Earlier this week, I asked Freelance Writing Jobs readers to tell me what you want to read about on this site in the future (you can take the poll here).  Today, I’d like to get to know the Freelance Writing Jobs readers a bit better, so I can tailor future content to best meet your needs. Please take the poll below and feel free to leave a comment to share more details about where you are in your writing career. What level are you at in your freelance writing career?online surveys

What Do You Want to Read About on Freelance Writing Jobs?

Before I start publishing content on Freelance Writing Jobs, I want to hear from you to find out what you want to read about on this site in the future.  There are so many aspects to the world of freelance writing, but I’d like to start my journey with all of you by focusing on some of your hot topics. With that in mind, please take the poll below and tell me what you want to see on Freelance Writing Jobs! Note: you can select multiple answers in this poll. What do you want to read more about on Freelance [Read more…]

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