5 Freelance Conferences to Visit in 2012

Being a successful freelancer requires that you acquire and maintain the latest information, tools, tips and skills in order to stay successful among the many people setting out on their own in the professional world. While there are tools available to all freelancers via the invaluable resource that is the internet, the physical disconnect between you and your colleagues and customers often leaves something to be desired. On that note, as a freelancing professional looking to add to their current skill set, there is no better way to combine valuable educational opportunities with the ability to rub shoulders with the [Read more…]

Monitoring Your Online Reputation as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is now one of the sources of income for many moms dads and others alike. As a freelance worker, they are free to serve as many clients as they can. They build reputation by submitting works on time and providing high-quality work. The reputation built will then result into new job offers or job referrals from satisfied clients and writers will have increased income. As a writer, you can collect positive reviews from your satisfied clients. However, many potential clients today, go beyond profile reviews. They have now started to dig for more information about you. Below are the tools you can [Read more…]

7 Effective Time Management Tips

Managing your time effectively is very individual and so it’s impossible to tell a person which days and times they will be able to work most effectively. However, there are patterns that you can look at and see if you’re the same as most other people when it comes to working. If you’re trying to work out a timetable in order to help yourself work as efficiently as possible, there are several things you should take into consideration and think about first of all.

Requirements for Working with Clients in Other Countries

Freelancing is a skill that takes some honing. While someone who has a knack for networking will find it easier than others, there are still challenges that you just have to work through. Much of it, in fact, is a matter of learning the hard way, and we all have our horror stories. Of course, the risks and difficulties become more pronounced when working with people from countries other than our own. All communication is done via email or instant messenger, though some might occasionally ask for Skype. There is no real legal recourse when things go wrong. All in [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs Blog – The Best of January

Every month, the bloggers at FWJ work hard to provide quality and helpful content. Hardworking freelance writers click through looking for great leads and info, but let’s face it, some posts may slip by in the daily hustle and bustle. Here’s some great posts you may have missed: Writing From Home: Warnings & Tips on How to Survive When You Have No Office by Robin Parrish Robin captures the writing from home experience perfectly. My favorite: Get Out of the House. As important as it is to guard your at-home work time, sometimes you just have to get away from [Read more…]

Article Quickie: A Writer’s Confession

My name is Terreece and I’m addicted to ellipses. There. I said it. I am free from my shame. Those three periods…they say so much and I find myself using them way to often. Every writer has a crutch. Some liken it to their ‘writing style,’ but there is a difference between a crutch and a style. “I can quit anytime.” One way to tell if your go-to writing technique is a style or a crutch is if a writer can be flexible and not use the item. Whether it’s a particular format or transition, if a writer has trouble [Read more…]

Article Quickie: Freelance Writing Jargon

Masthead Located within the first few pages of a publication, the masthead lists the important information you need – editor names, assistant editors, departments, contributing writers, etc. It is also helpful to find out the email configuration of the company – a not so secret tip on getting your queries to the right person without the SASE. On Speculation When a writer has a fantastic idea and an editor isn’t so sure, they will ask the writer to write the piece on spec or speculation. This means a writer will write the article in its entirety on the hopes that [Read more…]

Article Clip 911

This is it! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – a publication you’ve had your eye on is interested in your work. Perhaps you’ve had a chance meeting with an editor or saw a job post. Now all you need is to send in that one great clip. You know, the one that shows your skill, expertise and spot on interviewing? So you type the title and your name into Google to pull up the piece…It’s gone. Silly you, you never got around to saving that clip or even printing it out. You figured it would always be [Read more…]

2011 Writing Prep: Thick Skin

Picture 34

As a writer, it is perfectly normal to get shellacked on a weekly or monthly basis. Whether it’s rejection letters,  feedback from clients or mean-spirited comments on a blog or website there are plenty of days where the heart and ego will get bruised. Here’s the thing, it is the unfortunate by-product of success. Many define a writer’s success by their annual revenue. Others measure success by a writer’s influence – both online and offline. I look at those things, but I also look at a less rosy and overlooked area of success – feedback. We’ve all felt the sting [Read more…]

5 Lessons From the Cooks Source Case for Freelancers


If you’re a freelance writers, there’s a very good chance that you’ve been following the Cooks Source case for the last week or two. To recap what happened, Monica Gaudio, a freelance writer, discovered that an article she had written on the history of apple pies had been used in its entirety by a small New England magazine entitled Cooks Source. Though the use was attributed, making it a copyright infringement and not a plagiarism, she was understandably upset and sought an apology and a $130 donation to the Columbia School of Journalism. The editor of Cooks Source, Judith Griggs, [Read more…]

Read What You Write

Jerry Springer. Everyone knows the name though no one will admit to watching the show. It’s been on for decades and yet the show’s host, Jerry Springer, admits he doesn’t watch it. Why? In an article published on the Huffington Post, the talk show host said “I don’t watch the show, but it’s not aimed at 66-year-old men. If I were in college, I would watch. I enjoy doing it. It’s a lot of fun.” I’d wager there are several (hundred) writers that don’t read what they write. Whether it is a blog post, column or article, many writers finish [Read more…]

5 Way to Be Super UNSUCCESSFUL

Some people claim they want to be successful freelance writers yet one quick look at their business and writing practices and you quickly realize they are actually pulling the old Jedi mind trick on you. Their every move is designed to make fail look awesome. Are you one? Want to be? Here are five ways to be super unsuccessful. Here’s to failing! Ya! 5. Don’t bother with research. When you start out your freelance writing career you really should just focus on interviewing or emailing successful writers. Pick a few and ask them to regurgitate and hand feed you all [Read more…]

Is Your Work Really a Work for Hire?


Many freelance writers don’t fully understand copyright law and mistakenly believe that the fact they are paid for a work means that they don’t hold the copyright in it. In short, since they were hired to do a particular job, that the work becomes a work for hire and they also transfer copyright in the work to the buyer. However, that is very rarely the case. Though the language is very confusing, simply being paid to create a work does not make it a work for hire under the law. Rather, the law actually only caused a work to be [Read more…]

5 Steps to Handling Deadbeat Clients


If you do enough freelancing, it will happen soon enough. Someone is not going to pay you. Whether you do writing, design or doing any other freelance work on the Web, eventually you will get a deadbeat client and it is best to be prepared for that eventuality than to stress over it when it happens. Though there are many steps you can and should take to mitigate the effect of and reduce the number of such incidents, an article for another day, today we’re going to focus on your rights when you’ve done the work and the other person [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 25, 2010

Hello, FWJ Friends! It’s the end of the week, and here are your writing leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Three Things to Do When You Lose Your Editor Found a New Blog…Oh Dear What is Outsourcing, and Does it Embarrass You? Writing Divas Need Not Apply Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Green Real Estate Content Writer Rockstar Writer for New Company Web Content Writer Email Content Writer Federal Government HR App Expert Writers Finance Writer – NC Blogging Jobs Blog About Drums and Drummers Poker Writer/Blogger Wanted Financial Blogger Self Improvement Blogger Wanted Copy [Read more…]

Three Things to Do When You Lose Your Editor

Freelance writers and editors often are portrayed as having an adversarial relationship. The long suffering writer has to bow down to the editor – supreme being of a publication. The editor has unfair demands and a fickle finger. One minute you’re in, the next you’re a kill fee. On the other side, editors are rumored to be workaholics who have so much to balance and not enough time to do it. They are besieged by freelancers who keep spelling the editor’s name wrong and while mass pitching 1000 word/$5 per word pieces.  They juggle writers who miss deadlines and who [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 22, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Here are your leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Copyright 101 for Freelance Writers at the Writer’s Success Resource Center 4 Questions that Can Reduce the Workload on the Road Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Freelance Political/Finance Writer Can You Write? Local Quality Freelance Writers Wanted – Raleigh Freelance Search Marketing Copywriter I Need a Writer for my Website Independent Writers Blogging Jobs Australian Mum Bloggers Wanted Mom Bloggers for Weekly Posts Accounting, Tax, IT – Multiple Bloggers Needed Bloggers @ SHFT.com – Several Topics Available Copy Writing Jobs Interactive Copywriter [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 18, 2010

New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Freelance Writing Jobs Sold to Splashpress Media Living and Writing, Virtually Knock, Knock Why Hast Thou Failed Me, Personal Sense of Responsibility? What Do You Value as a Freelance Writer? Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Vegetable Gardening Enthusiast Talented Young Writers Needed Auto Writer Food Writer – Spokane/N. Idaho Web Content Creation – Luxury Assisted Living Web Content Writer – San Diego Psychology Freelancer Blogging Jobs Blog Owners/Writers Copy Writing Jobs Senior Copywriter with Multicultural/Market Experience – Chicago Financial Copywriters – Cleveland Freelance Copywriter for Top Fragrance Company – New York Copy [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 16, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Here are your midweek freelance writing job leads. Enjoy! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Freelance Writing Jobs Sold to Splashpress Media Rescue Those Floating Quotation Marks This “Summer” Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Health and Fitness Writers Content Writers for Internet Brands Blogging Jobs Wedding Blogger Miami Fashion Blogger Copy Writing Jobs Freelance Copy Writer/Project Manager – DHL – Plantation, FL Freelance Sr. Copywriter – House Party, Inc. – Irvington, NY Copywriters Wanted Freelance Proofreader – Chicago Freelance Copywriter – Fort Lauderdale Freelance Catalog Copywriters – Chicago E-mail Copywriter Proofreading/Editing Jobs Smart Editors [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 14, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Let’s get your week off to a great start with some fresh freelance writing job leads. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Freelance Writing Jobs sold to Splashpress Media. Do You Have the Confidence to Apply for the Bigger Jobs? Too Many Articles Killed the Freelance Writing Star Waiting for Confidence to Strike Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Information Technology Writing Website Content Writer – Petro-Chemical Industry Writer for Boxing Site Content Writer – Los Angeles Fitness/Nutrition Writer Educational Content Writer Bankruptcy Content Content Writers for Online Womens’ Magazine Freelance Content Writer – American [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 9, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Midweek already, and we have freelance writing job leads for you. Hope you find your dream job in today’s listings. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Quality and Quantity: The Question of Writing Faster The Writing Success Series Continues Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Low Carb Cooking and Stress Relief  Writers Wanted Blogger Jobs Contributing Writer Bloggers/Writers for Sexy New Website Fashionista Writer for Product Descriptions, Editorial and Blog Posts Photo/Video HDSLR Blogger Google Apps Add On  Review Blogger IT Geeks Wanted Blogger Familiar with Laptops and Laptop Repair Bloggers in Accounting, Tax, Consulting [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 3, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Are you busy trying to do five days worth of work in four if you celebrated Memorial Day this week? Here are your leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Reusing Research: Making Your Work Twice as Useful How Should You Dress for a Client Meeting? Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Freelance Writers – Personal Finance Editor/Writer with Recreational Experience Sustainable Living Writer Copy Writing Jobs Copy Writer for Health/Medical Products Expert Copy Writer Needed Sales Letter Needed Blogger Jobs Tech and Gadget Bloggers Money/Personal Finance Blogger Student Writer Blogger Needed Proofreading/Editing [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for May 24, 2010

We had some fun discussions at the FWJ Facebook page over the weekend. Feel free to drop by and chime in. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Top 10 Things Writing Blogs Tell You That You Already Know When Freelance Writers Need a Wake Up Call Nine Tips to Becoming a Better Writing Mentor 10 Popular Article Writing Questions – Answered! Freelance Writing Business Fears Recommended Reading 8 Must Do’s for Aspiring Writers at Altitude How to Write Your Ass Off at CopyBlogger Freelance Writing 101 at Daily Writing Tips Benefits of Networking: An Introduction at Fuel Your Writing [Read more…]

Nine Tips to Becoming a Better Writing Mentor


You’ve decided to mentor some newer, less experienced writers. Good for you. As we’ve discussed earlier mentoring is a valuable resource for those who are trying to improve their freelance writing skills. Mentoring can also be a wonderful way for an experienced writer to give back to the writing community. Acting as a writing mentor is not as easy as it might seem, though. There are challenges and difficulties that mentors most overcome in order to be effective. Last week we provided nine tips to help you get the most from your freelance writing mentor. This week we are going [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Clean Slate Monday Edition

Every Monday is a like clean slate. How will you make a positive start? New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network The Freelance Writers Guide to Passive Income Your Turn: Freelance Writing Rates and Pay – To Disclose or Not to Disclose Freelance Writers and Typo Paranoia Nine Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor Freelance Writing Business – Outsourcing and the Value Add Recommended Reading Easy Solutions to Web Production’s Most Common Problems at 10,000 Words Why I’ll Hire You: The Money Side at About Freelance Writing 7 Ways to Win New Business at Chris Brogan Why [Read more…]

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