5 Ways to Grab That Freelancing Job With LinkedIn


In a tough economy with so many people out of work, finding a job can be a mind numbing process, and finding a freelance writing job is no different. The problem, though, does not lay in the job finding part; any website you browse will list hundreds of open positions. These common websites are flooded daily with over-qualified applicants that are hired before you even click the posting. Because of this, you may need to consider finding an alternative way to job search and in this job market. The key: networking. If you are or want to be a freelance [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 29, 2009

Enjoy your daily lists. New Around the Network Deb’s note: Sorry, I’ve been remiss. I have been away from my laptop for a few days and have no updates to the homepage. Look forward to more good stuff today. Meanwhile the rest of the FWJ team has been keeping busy: A Rate You Can Live With Brainstorming Techniques #1 No Jargon Allowed: Keep it Simple When Applying for a Writing Gig The Rate Question: Is That the Best You Can Do? I Want This Gig Recommended Reading: Who Are You? Fundamental Mistakes on Writer’s Websites at Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance [Read more…]

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