Freelancers Learn New Tricks for Financial Survival


After the Great Recession hit in 2008, many people were laid off from positions they thought they’d have for a good long while. Industries shrank and corporate downsizing became the catch phrase of the day. Source Former employees turned to less traditional forms of work, such as freelance writing, in order to keep a roof over their heads and the whites of a hungry wolf’s eyes from flashing as they imagined it circling their door. How to navigate through the current wolf pack For many of us who suffered the negative fallout of the recession, freelance writing offered an opportunity [Read more…]

Freelancing Stats and Trivia – Are You Part of the Numbers?

I have a confession to make: I have this thing for stats. I probably spend too much time going through Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc. just so I can see what’s going on in terms of views, traffic, shares, and whatnot. It’s not that I love math (I did have more than my share of that in uni, but I can’t say I delight in the subject), but there is something about statistics and numbers that captivates. Just don’t ask me to calculate percentages in my head! Anyhow, Julie, an FWJ reader sent me this infographic, which is chockfull of [Read more…]

5 Seminars to Visit if You Plan to Take Your Freelancing Career to the Next Level

Freelancing in any niche is a tough task, requiring you to play the roles of boss, employee, client hunter, marketer, and motivator each and every day, a workload much more demanding than many more traditional jobs! Being successful and moving upwards may be tough, but it’s entirely possible; you’ll just need to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new, exciting, and useful in your field. Planning to take your freelancing career to the next level? Check out any of these five freelancing seminars to sharpen your mind and build your contact list:

Is There a Dress Code for Freelancers?

Freelancing is awesome. You are your own boss, there is no daily commute, you avoid the office politics and drama…there are so many benefits of working for yourself. However, that also means you have to learn things the hard way, and without a safety net. Accepting full responsibility for mistakes and your actions comes with the territory of being a freelancer.

6 Great Infographics About Freelancing

Choosing to become a freelancer is both a positive and risky decision. You are setting our on your own, giving up the safety net of a steady employer. You are taking a step to be dependent entirely on yourself and no one else. It is liberating and terrifying, all at once. Whether you are currently a freelancer in any industry or you are just thinking of taking the leap, these infographics can help. They are full of useful information and statistics.

3 Grim Legal Realities Freelancers Need to Accept

Barbed Wire Image

In an ideal universe, the law is there to protect both parties in a contract equally. The freelancer and the client would both have guards to prevent the other from doing something unscrupulous or somehow taking advantage of the other. Of course, in an ideal universe, justice would be free, it would be immediate and it would never make any mistakes. Unfortunately though, we don’t live in a perfect world and, in many regards, that legal playing field is very much tilted against the freelancer. Not only do clients, typically, have more money but the global nature of the Web [Read more…]

This is My Mohawk. Tell Us about Yours.

I can do something this obviously goofy because I have the best freaking job in the world. And so do you.

Now, I know that most of you don’t have even the slightest inclination toward Mohawkdom. You’re in this business, too, though. That means you could have one if you so desired. You could even dye it pink and then write “Sex Pistols Forever” in red Sharpie above your ears.

Separation, Integration and Working as a Freelance Writer: My Peas are Touching My Meat (and it’s Good)

I realized that I don’t really want a separation between the professional and the personal. I don’t want regular hours, a regimented schedule or a sign on the door of my basement office.

Screw separation. I want integration.

10 Reasons Why the WAHM Thing Might Not Be Working Out


I left my day job exactly 8 years ago to become a freelance writing WAHM. Prior to that I worked as a freelance writer for two years while still juggling a full time day job. Freelancing from both sides of the fence wasn’t always easy, especially when just starting out. Thankfully I worked hard and stuck with it. Thankfully, I was successful and didn’t have to return back to an office job. Working at Home: It’s Not What You Think In ten years time, I’ve seen many of my fellow WAHMs start a business but go back to full time [Read more…]

10 Habits of Successful Freelance Writers


For most of the Freelance Writing Jobs community, it’s not enough to be a freelance writer. You want to be a successful freelance writer. However, freelance writing success isn’t found on a job board or even a blog. You can find your success by cultivating good habits and working hard to get ahead. The most successful freelance writers know what it takes to be the very best: 1. Focus The ability to complete projects without succumbing to distractions is important. When you’re constantly stepping way from your work space to check on kids, see what’s to eat or watch the [Read more…]

More on Freelancing, Blogging and Giving Out Free Information


At SXSW last weekend I had a chance to attend a small, intimate gathering made up of many of the top writing bloggers and social media professionals in the space. We had an interesting conversation regarding email and how many people write to us on a daily basis requesting advice. Most of us described receiving hundreds, if not thousands of emails each day requesting advice for getting started, setting rates and other questions. So herein lies the dilemma…. Every bit of advice folks email to ask about can be found on this blog. For example, I receive mail asking for [Read more…]

Your Freelance Writing Clients Know You’re Lying


Freelance writing clients are smart cookies. Most of them know when they’re being conned or lied to. In today’s public and open world of freelancing, you can’t call in sick and head to the beach. You can’t claim an aunt died when you really just want a few days off. If you’re going to lie to your clients, keep in mind that in most cases they’ll find out. Don’t Invite Clients to View Your Personal Details if You’re Going to Be Dishonest As freelance writers we work hard, but we still maintain flexible schedules. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t [Read more…]

Contracting vs. Freelancing in Large Corporations


If you’ve been a freelance writer for a while, you may be scratching your head and wondering about the title of this post. More specifically, you’re probably wondering why I’m contrasting freelancing and contracting. Unless you’ve incorporated your own business you probably already know that in the United States, at least, most freelancers are treated as independent contractors. When tax time comes, U.S. based companies who paid a freelancer or an independent contractor over the specified amount (in 2009 it was $600) will send them a 1099 form for tax purposes. It may seem to many that freelancing and contracting [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 11, 2010

So as of Wednesday evening, we’ve been socked with a foot of snow and another five to ten inches expected over night. Part of me is thankful I have a job that enables me to stay inside during such weather, and part of me wishes I could take a snow day too. Freelance Writing Jobs Community News Did you know we post community news to our weekly newsletter? If you received and award or accolade, published a book, launched a product or any other good news to share, send it to us at wegetletters(at) for inclusion in the weekly newsletter. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 1, 2010

It’s a true clean slate Monday – a new week and a new month. What will you do to make a positive start? Your daily lists Enjoy today’s lists. I think there’s some good stuff here, hope you think so too! New around the Freelance Writing Jobs network Setting a Freelance Writing Rate Equal to the Task Freelance Writing Jobs Presents 19 Parenting Markets Freelance Writers: Are You Just Going Through the Motions? Recommended reading from around the blogosphere Practical Social Media Measurement: Leads, Conversions, Sales How to Write a Viral Blog Post at Daily Blog Tips Weaving with Words: [Read more…]

How Freelance Writing is Like…

Over the past few years we’ve compared freelance writing to many different entities. For me it’s kind of a challenge to find off the wall comparisons. I’m going to issue that challenge to you today as well. What are some of the comparisons you can make to freelance writing? Tell us here in the comments, on Twitter or your own blogs. Let’s see what you can come up with. Since I’m busy compiling markets this week, I haven’t had a chance yet to do much real blogging. So we’re going with a greatest hits post this afternoon. How freelance writing [Read more…]

The Freelance Writing Club: It’s Not So Exclusive Any More

members only

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about freelance writing and how it’s evolved over the last decade. The freelance writing club used to be a lot more exclusive, they didn’t just let anyone in. Back in the day, it wasn’t as easy to make a living as a writer. Nowadays, it’s a little different. A Journalism or Mass Communications degree isn’t required, and freelancers don’t have to spend days chasing checks and scrounging the trades for the rare freelance writing opportunity. In 2009, freelance writing jobs are very easy to find. Freelancers of all levels have plenty of work, [Read more…]

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