Mistakes That I Sometimes Make…Do You Make Them, Too?

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To be human is to make mistakes. That’s an undeniable thing, but that does not mean we can always use use the excuse. However, if we are aware of our mistakes, we always have the chance to correct them. For this week’s grammar guide post, I’m going to share some mistakes I sometimes make. Often, […]

Surprising Grammar Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, and sometimes, we may not even know they are mistakes. Every speaker of the English language commits mistakes. Some may be minor and forgivable, while others ought to be pointed out and corrected. This is especially true for mistakes that have become ingrained into everyday speech that people already think they […]

Funny Signs that Could Use Better Grammar/Spelling


You’ve heard of these kinds of signs before. They’ve caught the attention of everyone from Asia to Europe to the Americas. Sometimes, the mistakes are so blatant that even the worst English speaker/writer can spot them easily. Sometimes, though, the mistakes can be subtle, forcing even seasoned writers to think a little bit. Here are […]