Don’t Forget Grammar in Your Social Media Posts


Marketers break grammar rules with catchy slogans and tag lines all the time. Unfortunately, those creative liberties have a nasty habit of bleeding into social media posts and updates – a place they simply don’t belong. Spelling and grammar errors in social media posts affect your credibility, making it look like you don’t know what […]

Book Review: 37 Things to Know About Grammar

Grammar Book

Readers of the grammar section of FWJ know just how tricky grammar rules and application can be.  It is no wonder that a lot of people have developed an aversion to grammar.  However, we cannot deny the importance of following grammar rules, especially for those who make a living out of writing.  Now what if […]

Parallel Structure in Writing

parallel parking

Parallel structure, or parallelism, is a basic concept that students learn in writing class.  Over the years, we may forget the term, but the idea should continue to be applied.  Whether you are writing for your personal blog or for a big client, avoiding faulty parallelism can help you get your point across more clearly. […]