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Wireless Generation is an educational technology, content and consulting company.   I work with the consulting group and am currently managing a project that has a large grant writing component.  I am looking for a talented grant writer who can dedicate full time (or nearly full time) to the project for the next three weeks. The ideal candidate will be able to spend 3-4 days per week at the client site in central New Jersey and has some background in education policy and/or grant writing. Please contact me ASAP as we would like the grant writer to start early next week [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Your Daily Lists New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network: Online Image Vs Offline Image: Are You One in the Same? Freelance Writing: The Early Years Preserving Your Web Reputation Quotation Marks Revisited Recommended Reading: While the Iron is Hot at Chris Brogan How to Brainstorm Ideas for Your Blog at CopyBlogger Word Inflation or Natural Syntax at Daily Writing Tips Best of 2009 in the Writing Industry at Fuel Your Writing How to Find Your Voice as a Blogger at Write to Done Leads… Content Writing Jobs West Coast Surf Writer – Part Time and Contract (Florida) Site Writer [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 15, 2009

New around the network: Introducing Yourself As a Freelance Writer Without Sounding Like a Smarmy Salesman Do Male Bloggers Receive More Respect? How to Write a Press Release Part 3: Distribution Freelance Writing Branding that Sells Getting Started As a ProBlogger Gifts for Writers With a Sense of Humor Recommended Reading: Prospecting for Blog Post Ideas at the Blog Herald Write Better Blog Posts at Chris Brogan A Cigarette Butt is One Thing at Daily Writing Tips 15 Sites for Learning and Mastering SEO at Freelance Folder How to Find Time to Write While Traveling at Write to Done Leads… [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 14, 2009

I’m attempting to compile these lists on Sunday again as there’s still so much to be done. This time of the year is very hectic, but very exciting, isn’t it. So much to do, so much to see and so much to learn. Here’s what’s new around the network: The Freelance Writing Jobs Top Posts of 2009 On Negative Publicity and Doing Damage Control: To React or Not React Another Web Content Post: What They’re Saying, What’s True and What’s False 3 Tips for Making a Positive Start in 2010 5 Best Article Writing Posts of 2009 Troll Issues vs. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 11, 2009

I’m sure there will be more leads after the holidays. These are short lists partly because there aren’t as many decent offerings as we lead up to the holidays and partly because I’m kind of busy and haven’t been spending my usual three hours trolling for job leads. Oh and partly because I’m celebrating because Mr. Ng is no longer unemployed. I hope I’m still bringing you the best of the best. New around the network: 3 Tips for Making a Positive Start in 2010 5 Reasons Not to Have a Cookie Cutter Elevator Pitch Royal and Not So Royal [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for November 23, 2009

I spent a lot of time writing over the weekend (and even looking for leads) in order to get a jump ahead so I can spend time with my family during the impending holiday weekend. For my non-American friends, Thursday is Thanksgiving and we may not have leads. If I can get them done ahead of time, we’ll at least have a few listings. Otherwise, I’m taking the day off. Here’s some news stuff from around the network: 3 Tips for Being a Truly Objective Freelance Writer 5 Reasons Online Relationships are Important for Freelance Writers How to Differentiate Genuine [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, November 16, 2009

I vowed to get caught up with all my email this past weekend. I really had the best of intentions but it wasn’t meant to be. I did get a good chunk knocked out though, so I feel good about that. Still, next time I hope to reach my goal. It’s clean slate Monday, what will you do to make a positive start? Here’s what’s happening around the network: Are There No GOOD Freelance Writing Jobs Anymore? The Freelance Writers Guide to Facebook On Making an Honest Living Disaster Recovery for Freelance Writers: Production Forget Clean Your Fridge Day, Clean [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, November 9, 2009

We spent Saturday at a raucous family gathering. To be honest, I’m still not feeling well and wanted to stay home and catch up on administrative tasks. About 15 minutes into the gathering, I realized how happy I was to be there. I didn’t think about my email once, nor did I worry about unmoderated comments or if advertisers were trying to contact me. I think every now and then I need reality check to remind me that while this business is important, there are other things in life. Glad I took time to enjoy good company and conversation this [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for November 4, 2009

We made it to the middle of the week! I hope you’re still tackling everything with a positive outlook. I took some grounup steps this week and FWJ is officially a small business. I think the key is to treat your blogging and writing like a business and not a hobby, and you’ll yield great results. So sorry leads are so late lately. For those who have asked, I’m doing more than grabbing leads off other bloggers’ lists to add to my own. I spend two to three hours each morning combing all the job boards for the best leads. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 29, 2009

Getting down to the wire. All those last minute, end of the month details need tending to. What are some of the things you take care of at the end of the month in order to make a positive beginning when the new month starts? Here’s what’s new around the network: Freelance Writing and the Big Screen TV Factor 10 Ways to Stop Multitasking How to Become a Grant Writer: Part 2 – Never Write a Grant “On Commission” The Ins and Outs of Lines Double D’s Enjoy today’s leads… Content and Web Writing Jobs Writers for Click Work (To [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 28, 2009

Ok, I have to know. Where do Phineas and Ferb live that they get 104 days of summer vacation? That’s where I want to be. Are you also looking for a social media job? HireVine, a new social media job search site, will have its beta launch during the first week of November. We’re looking for employers and job seekers to become part of our beta test. If this interests you, stop by HireVine for more details. So here’s what’s going on around the Freelance Writing Jobs network: 10 Reasons You Need to Stop Multitasking 10 Things All Freelance Writers [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So a few days into the poll and the FWJ community has made it clear: Keep the job list focused on jobs paying above $10. You speak, and I listen! However, I have spent some time lately speaking with the people who work for or run many of the content sites we consider low paying. A couple of them have been misrepresented in certain online “investigations.” Many of the low paying jobs are still what we consider legit, they just don’t pay a lot of money. So in order to give them fair representation (and by that I mean not [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 26, 2009

Wow! I just had the most amazing productive weekend – while still having lots of family time. I just love it when I’m able to sit down for a few hours and absolutely FOCUS on what I need to do – and get it done. Now I’m almost all caught up from my BlogWorld trip. I hope you had a great weekend too – whether you worked or not. It’s clean slate Monday – How will you make a positive start? Here’s what’s new around the FWJ network: How to Make Free Writing Pay 20 Ways for Freelance Writers to [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 5, 2009

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and a clean slate. Hope it’s a good start for you. I want to congratulate a friend of FWJ, Sandy Mitchel, on publishing her second book. Sandy has been a member of this community for years and we worked many of the same places. It’s a treat to be able to witness Sandy’s success. Check out “Cleveland’s Slavic Village” and support a long time member of the FWJ community. Here’s what’s new around the network: Is Writer’s Block an Excuse for Procrastination? 8 Places to Network Offline Weekend News and Awesomeness Winning [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for August 7, 2009

Actually I was wrong yesterday. Anyone CAN be a writer.  Thanks to content sites accepting anyone without even seeing writing samples, anyone can, indeed, become a writer. However, not everyone can be a good writer and I think that’s the difference. Now before I receive another flood of hate mail, let me explain a little: I’m not trying to discourage new writers at all. While I hope I’m giving them a good place to start, I also hope I’m being realistic. I enjoy providing this haven for writers of all levels to discuss and share. However, as a lot of [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for August 4, 2009

A couple of years ago there was much drama over a scammy company called Laray Carr. This company ripped off writers and designers and led to a full scale FBI investigation. Well, it appears the people behind Laray Carr are back again, under the name Niche Age Media. I won’t rehash all the sordid details here, espcially when Victoria Strauss just did so at Writers Beware and tells the tale so well, but I will ask you to check out these former posts here and at Writer’s Beware so you don’t fall victim to these scammy people. Writer’s Beware: Laray [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 28, 2009

I’ll make it brief today. Why not use today’s discussion space for sharing your success stories? Leads: Blogging Jobs Blogger for Finance Trails IT Blogger at GFI Software Freelance Blogger Needed Blogger/Ghost Writer – Furniture – NYC Web Content Writing JObs Content Writers for Heritage Web Solutions Dating Writers Freelance Writer – Tech Website – Bright Hub Wikipedia Page Needed for an Artist Experienced Content Writer Copywriting Jobs Copywriter for Two Short Collateral Pieces – $100 Copywriter – Digital Media Proofreading and Editing Jobs Freelance Legal Editor – Kaplan Bar Review Freelance Copy Director – Vogue Freelance Proofreader – NYC [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Opportunities for June 18 & 19, 2009

What are your daily distractions? I find I have to work in a place where I don’t have access to a fridge, the television, and neighborhood gossip. Keeping focused is one of my biggest challenges in this work from home life. Most days I can stay on task, but if the job is not so interesting I find myself looking for other things to do. To combat this, I use a reward system. After I finish an especially unattractive task I’ll allow myself a chapter or two from a good book, a gourmet cup of coffee, or another treat. It [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In case you missed the news, we have two new bloggers at the FWJ network. Lorna Doone Brewer and Simon James will begin at the Other Stuff blog to provide comic relief to writers and other freelancers. I was so impressed by the caliber of writers who applied, the decision was so difficult.  I’m also humbled by the response, more than 500 people hoped to work here. I want to thank everyone who applied. With so many responses, I hope you can understand why I’m not writing to each applicant personally to say thank you. Leads… Journalist with Economic Expertise [Read more…]

A Few Saturday Morning Freelance Writing Jobs

Good morning folks, not a huge update today, but it’s going to be in the ’80’s and as much as I love you all, I can think of better things to do with my time than trolling for leads. I hope you’re taking some time for you as well! How do you like our tweaks? Lara Kulpa, FWJ’s resident techie is working to make this a more user friendly experience. (Thanks, Lara) This blog is the first in the network to be tweaked, so let us know your thoughts. The front page navigation should be a lot more user friendly [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for April 23, 2009

I just posted 5 Ways to Search for Freelance Writing Jobs on Twitter. The inspiration for this post came from a discussion on the Freelance Writing Jobs social network as to whether or not freelance writers should be involved in the social networks. While some folks think social networking is a lot of noise and distraction, the truth is it’s an amazing networking tool. It’s also a terrific way to fi

Freelance Writing Jobs for Sunday, April 19, 2009

I’m hoping that things will pick up job wise (and traffic wise) starting tomorrow. I think a lot of the slowdown is because of all the folks taking spring breaks. Honestly, I wish all the schools around the country would have the same time off in order to better plan outings with family, cousins, etc. I notice some typical slow down patterns for traffic to this blog and even job postings. For instance, from around Thanksgiving to the beginning of Janaury things drop off a bit, the same with spring break, holiday weekends, and summer time. Do you take time [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for April 14, 2009

Did you see my post entitled “The Difference Between an Internship and Unpaid Labor“? If not, I recommend you do so. During this time of year so many employers are looking for internships, but most are only looking for free labor.  It’s sad in this day and age there are unsavory people looking to take advantage of students or others looking to break into a particular industry. If you’re considering an internship, always, always do your research. Make sure you’re getting something in return and that you’re working for a legitmate opportunity and not Joe Content Spammer. Also, Anne Wayman [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As you are no doubt well aware, we made some changes. In addition to making a prettier blog, I wanted the Freelance Writing Jobs home page to provide better navigation to this and the other six blogs in this network. This should be the last format change for a very long time. The Men with Pens outdid themselves this time, didn’t they?  I’d like to thank them for all their hard work and patience throughout the evolution of FWJ. If you have a blog  design/redesign or other project, do give them a ping. They’re top notch and they rock the [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday March 2, 2009

by Deborah Ng As I watch the snow fall outside my office window, I’m thinking how happy I am I don’t have to commute anymore. My son is home today though, so it won’t be easy. This is something I try to convey to the people who want to leave their day jobs to work at home and be with their kids. It’s not easy to work at home, especially with kids. No matter how well you plan it out, they’ll always require your attention. Like my 6 year old – who has to give me the play by play [Read more…]

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