5 Steps to Building Your Online Visibility As a Freelance Writer

online visibility

You may be able to sling words skillfully like a crusty old wizard casts spells, but without developing a solid online foundation to augment it, you’re likely to find yourself bereft of work; in other words, a wizard without a willing (or unwilling) experiment to transmute, burn, poison, or curse. Source Like it or not, online writing is one part penmanship prowess, one part online marketing. The sooner you accept those two seemingly disparate activities as halves of one complete entity called the online freelance writer, the better off you’ll be — and the sooner you’ll be landing more gigs [Read more…]

Should Writers Engage in Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging

I’m a writer, not a marketer. I’ve heard/read that phrase often enough. I’ve even said it myself many times. Writers, they say, have a unique personality in that they want to focus more on getting that jumble of words and ideas in their heads and putting them together in a coherent piece of writing. Whether people read the piece and like it or not is a different matter altogether. Then guest blogging/guest writing comes into the picture. The practice has become so popular for many reasons, not the least of which is to market your own content and bolster your [Read more…]

Write for FWJ as a Guest Author!

Guest Posting

One of the main goals of Freelance Writing Jobs has always been to nurture a community of freelance writers online. We have undergone so many changes over the years, and those of you who have been following the site for many years will remember how more content was served up regularly. Due to various reasons, Freelance Writing Jobs has focused mainly on providing daily job lists to freelance writers all over the world, but our belief in fostering communication and encouraging discussion has not waned one bit. In spite of the fact that we have tons of timeless, relevant content [Read more…]

Work as a Guest Blogger to Manage Your Finances


Blogging is becoming very popular today not just because you can put up anything on it, but because you can make money with it. Some people put up ads on their site, or post surveys to get other people to answer it and earn money. Another thing you can do is to write articles for other people’s blogs which is called guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you write articles for other people while getting paid. There are, however some things you have to consider if you want to work as a guest blogger. You have an option of working [Read more…]

The Power of Free: Why It’s not All About Paid Gigs

My Blog Guest, Guest blogging community

Focusing on only direct sources of income is the hugest (yet the wide-spread) mistake many freelancers make. It is quite understandable though: you get so much used to hunting for paid opportunities that you can hardly ever find time or enthusiasm to do anything else – especially something that you won’t see any immediate result from. So let me share my own experience: it is your non-paid hard work that will allow you to grow personally and professionally and consequently grow your income exponentially. I’d been freelancing for about 2 years before I was offered the full-time position at BlueGlass [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs is Open for Guest Blog Posts


Would you like to see one of your articles published on Freelance Writing Jobs?  We’ve automated the guest post submission process and teamed up with MyBlogGuest.com to make it quick and easy for you to submit guest posts to Freelance Writing Jobs and several other Splashpress Media blogs. Just visit MyBlogGuest.com, set up an account, and you’re ready to go!  You can submit your guest posts through the form on the FWJ Guest Post Submission page.  It’s that easy! MyBlogGuest.com is a growing community of bloggers and blog owners, led by Ann Smarty who is well known across the Web [Read more…]

Does Guest Blogging Work? Part 1: Traffic


I have  a love hate relationship with guest blogging. On one hand, I enjoy sharing with other bloggers’ communities. The flip side is that as a freelance writing blogger I’m supposed to discourage writing for free. It’s kind of a sticky situation because we complain that too many people are advertising on Craigslist for free labor but then we turn around and offer our expertise to other blogs because they’re supposed to be good marketing. So as you can see, we’re a little contradictory. What I’d like to explore in this series is whether or not guest blogging works. Over [Read more…]

More Thoughts On Writing for Free, Guest Blogging, and Marketing Opportunities


I’ve been thinking about guest blogging a lot lately. Not a day goes by when I don’t receive emails asking about guest blogging opportunities at the Freelance Writing Jobs network. As you know, I don’t actively solicit guest bloggers for FWJ anymore because I feel it’s akin to soliciting free work. Instead, I look for paid contributors. To be honest, I always hesitate before accepting a guest blogging proposal because I don’t want to be accused of taking advantage. I’m a little gun shy because I was called out as looking for free content on two separate occasions in the [Read more…]

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