How to Ensure You Don’t Establish Regular Guest Blogging Connections

regular guest blogging connections

Freelance writers and  bloggers have a lot of things on their plate. These days, we don’t only write for our own sites and clients, but we also play other roles like being a social media specialist and a content marketing expert. These other roles expand our knowledge, our client base, and our income. One aspect of these […]

5 Tips For Managing Your Guest Post Aftermath

Guest post aftermath

Editor’s note: This post was writte by Steve Aedy, who writes as a ghost blogger and works as a writing expert at He writes a lot and likes to help bloggers with both writing content and reaching bigger audience. Also Steve is really good at editing and adores writing essays. You can contact him on […]

Announcing the FWJ Guest Content Forum!

It’s a new month, and with it comes some exciting news! As you may all know, Freelance Writing Jobs is part of a larger network: Splashpress Media. The Splashpress Media Network is a diverse collection of sites all geared toward providing unique and interesting content to their readers. Recognizing that FWJ readers are some of the most […]