When the Going Gets Tough, the Freelancer Should De-Stress

ways to de-stress

We’re no strangers to stress, and I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that the stress levels of freelancers may be higher than many employees. On top of getting new clients, keeping old ones, taking care of the family, and making sure your business stays healthy, it’s understandable that freelance writers (could) go nuts. Then […]

Why Freelance Writers Need to Take Time Off (Like Regular Employees)

freelance writers need to take time off

Regular employees may be bound to their desks from 9 to 5, with regulated breaks in between, but they do enjoy perks that freelance writers may not. We don’t have company subsidized health insurance, for example. We don’t have overtime pay. We don’t have paid vacation and sick days off. All of these things are […]