Freelance Writing – Turning “No” into “Yes”

Rejection Letter

No. Every new writer is afraid of hearing it. Seasoned writers are used to it, but still wouldn’t invite it over for dinner. The good news is there is life and success after being rejected. Sometimes that success comes from the same publication that just rejected you. Why? Every “no” is not rock solid. In […]

Reading to Pitch

A query isn’t just about developing a good idea and sending it to the right person, a query is designed to show your idea meets the publication’s needs and reader demographic. Before pitching a publication, a writer has to do one very important thing – read the publication. You wouldn’t believe how many writers skip […]

5 Things to Do Before You Query


Last week’s post “6 Tips for Finding New Freelance Writing Markets” received a comment worth mentioning. Though I was brief in my roundup, the commenter Robert Earle Howells offered some good reminders: These are all ways to troll, and they’re good. You can find great titles and get inspired. But remember, that doesn’t mean you’re […]